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Animated videos can be helpful for companies that need to explain processes to their employees or customers. However, getting a monthly subscription to a program to create this kind of material may not the be the best choice. Some businesses don’t need to create animated videos in a regular basis or they may simply prefer not to have to be tied to a subscription. This is when RawShorts may be a good option as it allows you to easily create animated videos for training, marketing or presentations, without requiring a monthly payment. Let’s take a closer look at this software to find out what it offers.


RawShorts is a cloud based solution so you only need an internet connection to use the application. Since you don’t have to download the program, it is possible to use it on any device, as long as you have an internet connection. There are many templates available so you will be able to create professional videos, even if you don’t have previous experience or artistic background. You will find hundreds of options available and they are neatly organized according to their category. The templates give you a canvas that is almost ready and you can easily start creating videos in no time. You just have to enter your own text, add the brand or any audio or visual elements and that is all.

RawShorts also features many additional objects that can be included in your video. Each of these objects come with animation and there is a wide variety of options such as scenery, people and charts. You will be able to add the objects to any template without any hassle. The software is very easy to use and it supports a drag and drop system that makes the process of creating videos a breeze. After you select the object, person or sound that you wish to include, you simply have to move it onto the template. You can do this by holding the mouse and then release it over the area where you want to place the object. RawShorts gives you flexibility to move anything around in any way you prefer. It facilitates the customization process and gives you flexibility to create videos in the way you prefer.

Another reason why RawShorts can be the most practical option for businesses who want to create videos without complications is the fact that no monthly subscriptions are required. It is possible to pay per export so you won’t need to get a subscription in order to be able to use the application. This is very good news if you don’t plan on using it on a regular basis. In addition, it is possible to get RawShorts to hire someone to make the videos for you. This is a good option if you don’t have the time or resources to take care of the process. RawShorts offers the chance to hire content creators and voice talent to help you with the creation of your videos.


There are two plan options to choose from. The first one is paying per video as previously mentioned, the other option is getting a monthly subscription. There is a free version that lets you create videos in 480p resolution, upload media, upload videos to YouTube, access the Standard music library, 8 libraries and get up to 25 MB of storage. Just keep in mind that with the free version, the videos will feature RawShorts branding and watermark. In addition, the commercial rights belong to RawShorts.

The monthly premium subscription costs $49 per month and it allows you not only to upload, but also to download videos. It also supports text to speech, animated charts and you can access 36 libraries and a premium music library. You can create videos in 720p resolution and get 250MB of storage. It also offers 25HD exports and the commercial rights are for your business. Plus, there are RawShorts watermarks, outro or branding included in the videos.

The yearly plan allows you to save money in the long run as it costs $39 per month. It comes with the same features as the Premium plan, as well as 1GB of storage and 50HD exports. The commercial rights are for your business and third party transfer rights are available. There are no RawShorts branding, outro or watermarks.

If you prefer not to get a subscription, you can also pay $60, which gives you the chance to get 3 exports. This allows you to enjoy the same basic features of premium and you can get up to 100MB of storage. You also get commercial rights for your business. For 10 exports, you pay $120 and get 1GB of storage as well as all the previous features. The price for 25 exports is $200 and it gives you all the same benefits as the previous options, as well as commercial rights for your business and third-party transfer rights.

Alternatives to RawShorts

There are similar options available, including GoAnimate, PowToon, EasySketchPro, Moovly and VideoScribe. There are options that offer more features and even more options to customize your videos. All software applications include sounds, scenes, created objects and a large selection of plug and play templates, which will allow you to create videos without any hassle. While RawShorts may not be the most comprehensive solution, the fact that offers a flexible pricing structure is what sets it apart from other applications. You won’t need to pay on a monthly basis if you don’t want to. You can simply choose a plan that lets you pay for the number of exports that you need.


RawShorts is easy to use and it offers a great selection of templates. There are many objects available and you can even hire talent to create your videos. The pricing structure is unique and will appeal to users who don’t want to pay for a subscription. The main downsides are that you need an internet connection and that the cloud interface could slow down the progress if there are issues with the internet speed. Still, it a simple, affordable option to create professional videos for your business.

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