RCA Maven Pro 11.6 Review

RCA, a popular brand in the entertainment technology and appliances industry has continuously to improve and invent more products. The RCA has proven to be the one of the best in the industry by moving to the next level of creating the Maven Pro, a top of the line tablet which has the combined features of laptop computers and tablets. Aside from that, it is affordable and more practical compared to other brands. As like any other devices and products, the Maven Pro 11.6 also has its advantages and disadvantages and through this article, the cons and pros will be discussed and check if this product is worth its price.


The Maven Pro has an 11.6 inch display screen and run on Android 5.0 Lollipop. It runs on a 1.4Ghz and quad-core CPU. It also has a 1366 x 768-pixel screen resolution and has 2 megapixels for its camera.

As for its battery life, it could run up to 8 hours on full charge and could last up to one day on a standby mode. This tablet also has a storage capacity of 1 GB RAM and 32 GB. Aside from that, this device has the standard headset port, USB and HDMI ports.

Pros and Advantages of Purchasing the RCA Maven Pro 11.6

This tablet could be converted into a small laptop anytime you wish as it comes with a removable keyboard and trackpad. The keyboard could be conveniently tucked away behind the tablet. Its screen is larger compared to average tablets. Its resolution is said to be at par and could go head to head with other leading brands.

Also, this tablet is touchscreen and responds easily. Through the usage of internet, you could do the usual things such as watching movies, videos and browse other websites. As for the hardware, it is not high quality top of the line but it has above average power. Its keyboard has a comfortable and does not strain your fingers. As for its memory, you could expand it through a micro-SD card.

Cons and Disadvantages

The aesthetics look of this tablet is simple and does not stand out compared to other tablets. However, good thing is that this is compensated through its functional features. Another disadvantage or drawback of this device is it is heavier and bulkier than normal tablet. Lastly, if you are into taking pictures, its cameras are only at 2 megapixels which means it would not be clear as you wish.

All in all, if you are looking for a good quality tablet and does not cost too much, this tablet is highly recommended for you.

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