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Recumbent Exercise Bicycles have come a long way and has a long history of different names –upright exercise bike, gym cycle, stationary bike and recumbent bike but no matter what name you call it, it has the same use and concept and that is to give your body- back, neck, joints and skeletal system a break by reclining your body while working out. Aside from that, this machine is ideal for those who need or require rehabilitation due to surgery.

Why choose a recumbent exercise bike?

According to a doctor, Paul Nolan who has researched and made a clinical study on recumbent bikes stated that recumbent bikes are modern day medical miracles as they position the body properly which allows any patient or athlete to receive a great decent workout. This type of bike is commonly recommended by doctors and dieticians to overweight people for medical and health reasons.

A recumbent bike could burn calories, heart physical improvement for all ages. This machine is a great tool that could provide you the exercise that you wish to have and crave.

Medical Benefits

  1. Exercise all you want and be assured you will not develop any saddle sores.
  2. It could circulate your blood better and will not compress your vessels.
  3. According to medical professionals, to avoid prostate problems, all you have to do is to keep biking activities with no more than three hours a week.
  4. According to Yale research studies, female cyclists could suffer genital sensation loss however, this is impossible with the use of recumbent exercise bicycles.
  5. Pressure-related problems to neuro muscular system could be avoided.
  6. You could get on and off without any difficulties. Using a recumbent exercise bicycles provide its users better workout and provides a natural reclining position.
  7. Provides ideal ways to achieve fitness goals especially to those who have circulatory ailments.

Best Recumbent Bikes

1. Sole Fitness LCR Light Commercial Recumbent Bike

Sole is one of the most reliable brand for fitness equipment in North America. They have been operating for five years and counting. Their products are focused on both commercial and residential use.

Features and Benefits

Though this brand is one of the most expensive, it packs amazing features. It is one of the most comfortable recumbent bikes. It is dependable and reliable. It is created and designed for therapy clinics, fitness studios, home recreation centers and huge home gyms.

This bike’s seat and handlebars are adjustable. Additionally, this model comes with 2 custom, 6 standard and 2 heart rate programs. It also includes a built-in fan and state of the art LCD console. This bike would definitely be loved by athletes who would like to check and monitor their heartrates through its pulse grip and chest strap heart rate monitor.

To those who are tired of wimpy pedals, a semi-recumbent bike like Sole is perfect exercise equipment as its pedals are huge and oversized and at the same time comes with a ECB resistance. Furthermore, you could enjoy exercising by listening to music as this equipment is MP3 compatible and if you feel thirsty, you do not have to stand up and get your water bottle. This bike comes with a water bottle holder.


* 30- inches wide

* 50- inches high

* 57-inches deep

* Could accommodate up to 350 pounds


* One year on labor

* Three years on electronics, parts and frame

2. SCHWINN 270 Recumbent Bike

One of the most reliable and respected brand in the US, Schwinn is the best value recumbent bike manufacturer. The brand and company was created in 1891 by Ignaz Schwinn. The company became one of the most well-known companies that manufactures recumbent bikes. Though the company has declared bankruptcy in 1992, Pacific Cycle came to the rescue and brought the iconic bicycle back into the game and market.

Features and Benefits

This brand and model comes with two window panels which could accommodate and keep track of 13 displays. This bike collects data progress of the biker and produces progress data in real time. Moreover, this bike includes 29 programs, 4 user settings and 25 levels of resistance.

This bike comes with a charging USB port and would accept any plug and play USB. It also has a Bluetooth capability wherein you could sync Schwinn Trainer with MyFitnessPal.

3. Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike

Owned by Paradigm Health and Wellness in Southern California, this company is known for producing fitness equipment that offers the latest design, engineering and function. This company claims to produce machines that ensures safety. It in fact comes with safety certification including UL/CUL, CE/ROHS and ETL/CETL.

Features and Benefits

This bike is created and designed to focus on cardiovascular work. It is an affordable Exerpeutic recumbent bike that comes with 8 level Magnetic Tension Control System wherein you could customize and adjust the settings according to your stamina level.

The LCD display of this bike is large enough for everyone to view with ease. It produces accurate reposts of calories burned, distance that you were able to pedaled, speed, time and heartrate. It is easy to assemble and set-up and comes with ideal size.


* 22- inches wide

* 34- inches high

* 54- inches deep


* 3 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

4. Marcy Me 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike

This product was created by Walter Marcyan who has 7 gyms in Los Angeles. He has created strength- training equipment and patented it. These equipment have been sold in the market for about 50 years and counting.

Features and Benefits

This model comes in sleek design with the color of black, gray and copper that could go with any furniture you have. It has 8 levels of preset resistance and its controls are easy to reach and easy to access as well. Its console provides your process data such as calories burned, speed and distance. This bike also has adjustable foot straps.


* 55.5- inches wide

* 25- inches high

* 37.5- inches deep

* weight about 66 pounds

5. Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

Nautilus has been around for more than 40 years and has been a popular household name. It also is a familiar brand at health clubs and gym as well. Nautilus has been producing state of the art workout equipment like the bowflex, universal and octane fitness. Another equipment that you would surely enjoy and that carries the company’s brand name is the Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike.

Features and Benefits

This bike comes with a control panel with double screen display and a blue LCD background backlit. It also includes 13 workout levels, 29 programs and 25 levels of resistance which you could adjust according to your goals and objectives. It also has a Bluetooth LE connectivity and a charging USB. If you wish to listen to music you could play it through this bike’s chambered speakers.

6. ProForm 440 ES Recumbent Exercise Bike

ProForm is the company behind 440 ES Recumbent Exercise Bike. They are partners of Le Tour de France and Boston Athletic Association. This company has been in the industry for about 30 years and counting. Moreover, this brand is very reliable and has its own research and development department who ensures all the equipment released are efficient and effective.

Features and Benefits

This bike has a very comfortable seat and comes in an ergonomic design. Its console display has a backlit and is compatible to any table or iPod if you’d like to listen to music while exercising. Furthermore, it has a 32 pre-set workout apps and has a coolaire workout fan which will definitely make you feel comfortable while exercising.

440 ES also has an EKG grip pulse mechanism which will report to you your heartrate and other information that you would need for you to know your workout capacity levels. This bike could accommodate up to 350lbs for its weight capacity.


* Lifetime for its frame

* 2 years for its parts

* 1 year for labor

7. Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Velocity is part of CAP barbell that is a 25-year-old distributor of fitness equipment. At first, this company started producing weights and weight benches but as they progress, they expanded to producing more fitness products and equipment such as the CHB-R2101 Recumbent Exercise Bike.

Features and Benefits

This bike is perfect for those who are in a tight budget but are looking for effective and great workout. CHB-R2101 comes with eight levels of pre-set resistances. It comes with padded foot pedals and adjustable straps. Its frame is powder-coated finish and is easy to assemble. Its console display is large which anyone could view easily. It shows you accurate reads of your calories burned, distance, time and speed. This bike could accommodate up to 250lbs.


* 53-inches long

* 24-inches wide

* 38-inches high

8. Stamina 1350 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike

Stamina started in 1987 and has been one of the well-known brands in the industry. It has produced other brands such as the American Gladiator Home Gym, AeroPilates Performer, InStride Walker, Body Dome and Gold’s Gym.

Features and Benefits of 1350 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike

This bike comes with adjustable intensity magnetic resistance component through its tension dial. Its seat is padded and offers user multiple seat positions. It also has a Stamina InTouch console where you could monitor your time, distance, calories and speed. Its scan mode feature could also track the progress of your workout.

This bike could accommodate up to 250 pounds.


* 24-inches wide

* 33.5-inches high


* one year on the frame

* 90 days on its parts

9. Progrear 555LXT Magnetic Tension Recumbent Bike

This model is created and produced by Paradigm whose mantra is to bring to the market new and innovative fitness products for value conscious people who would like to have healthy lifestyle and who train hard but would not like to spend too much.

Features and Benefits

This bike comes with durable steel frame which could support extended size for its seat. It has a lower back support which provides comfort to its users. In addition to that, this bike includes 14 levels of tension resistance. It also has an LCD computer control display that is easy to view and read.


* 49-inches long

* 22-inches wide

* 43-inches high


* one year limited warranty

10. Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB4602 Recumbent Bike

Sunny Health and Fitness’ headquarters is in Los Angeles but all its manufacturing is done in China and Taiwan. This company has been in the industry for 15 years and counting.

Features and Benefits:

This bike could accommodate up to 250lbs of weight and comes with a quiet belt drive. Its seat handles are easy to reach and are adjustable as well. You could also monitor your heartrate through its hand-pulse sensors monitors. It could also provide you accurate readings of your calories and more. Its pedals are made of slip-resistant materials and has security straps.

This bike is the best for great value for your money.

Buyer’s Guide:

When purchasing any product, it is difficult to make a sound decision and to choose the right fit for your needs and wants. You will need to consider a lot of things to ensure you don’t waste

your money and time and at the same time benefit and get value from the product itself. Purchasing recumbent bicycles are not an exemption. Here are our tips that we feel you would need to consider before purchasing your recumbent bike.

  1. Budget – one important factor is your financial status. Choose a model that would suit your needs at the same time is within your budget. There are a lot of models that are available and comes in different range of prices.
  2. Physical Condition – for a recumbent bike to be effective, you have to check your physical condition with your doctor. Are you overweight or too tall or does your physical condition allow you to use a recumbent bike?
  3. Potential Returns – check which is more efficient and cost-effective, is it better to purchase one outside the US? Or from some other place?
  4. Pros and Cons – balancing your pros and cons. Review each model you like and compare it to others. Is this model better than the other one considering all the factors, pros and cons?


Through this article, we hope we were able to provide you important information that will guide you in purchasing the right recumbent bike that will help you start in your fitness lifestyle

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