Best Redragon Keyboard: K551 vs K552 vs K582

Redragon is a mechanical keyboard series which offers three different versions/models. In fact, you will find different variations in their website and even on Amazon. 

In this article, we shall feature three Redragon keyboard – the K582 Surara which provides the best value for your money. It is priced under $50. The K551 and the K552 provides better deal. 

Best Redragon Keyboard 

Redragon K551 Vara

This mechanical keyboard comes with Outemu Blue switches and RGB backlight. This K551 Vara is great. It is aesthetically good looking and they are relatively cheap and affordable. This keyboard is a good starter keyboard who is into gaming but who is on a tight budget. 

What we disliked about the Redragon K551 Vara

Just like in everything, there are some issues which you could experience and the Redragon K551 Vara is not an exception. In fact, one of the main issues that we do not like about this keyboard is that the case of this keyboard rattled and tinged whenever you type on it. Hence, whenever you enter a keystroke, the entire keyboard would ring and we could tell you that the sound is not pleasing and uncomfortable on the ears. This could say a lot when it comes to the quality of the built of the keyboard. The rattling is very loud as well. 

The keyboard would also slide around whenever you would type as the keyboard does not have any rubber feet. They are difficult to unplug and to bring out wherever you wish to do. 


Redragon K552 Kumara

This keyboard is very similar to K551. It also comes with Outemu Blue switches and RGB lighting. It also has compact 87 key (TKL) size. Its features come with high profile design with slight lip around the edges. 

What We Disliked About Redragon K552 Kumara

The main issue that we do not like about this keyboard is its protruding Redragon branding above the arrow cluster. We find it not fitting the overall design. Moreover, the arrow cluster does not have arrows centered on the keycaps. 

This keyboard also has echo and rattle whenever you type which is why we do not recommend for you to use this one if you are sharing one room. 


Redragon K582 Surara

The Redragon K582 Surara is our number 1 and favorite Redragon keyboard lineup. It is a full sized keyboard which comes with RGB lighting options and it has silent linear switches are great, nice and smooth. Though they are not really quiet when you use it, it is tolerable. 

This keyboard comes with metal base plate and they are stable and rigid. It also comes with four rubber feet which keeps the keyboard in place. 

When you purchase this keyboard, a keycap puller, switch puller and extra switches are included. Overall this keyboard is highly recommended. Not only they provide great features they are also priced reasonably and affordable. 


Other Mechanical Keyboard Recommendations

The Redragon keyboard lineup are great options and amazing solid choices especially when you are looking for a budget mechanical keyboard. Though we really love this keyboard lineup, we would also recommend the Tecware Phantom which is a little better than K582 but similar in a lot of ways. 


We are very impressed with the Redragon mechanical keyboard. We love the K582 due to its impressive build quality and the good feeling it provides when you type. Overall, we love the Redragon keyboards but we hope that soon they develop one that comes with a detachable power cable and one that has less rattling.

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