Renown leakster confirms Galaxy S7 Edge Plus along with Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

One early rumor surrounding Samsung’s Galaxy S7 announcement (now believed to be at Mobile World Congress 2016 next month) was that Samsung was going to bring just a Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge to the fray, and perhaps a Galaxy S7 Plus. Well, it appears as though a Galaxy S7 Edge Plus will appear alongside of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge when the announcement is made. The confirmation was made by renown leakster @evleaks, known as Evan Blass (who is now a writer for tech site Venture Beat). On his Twitter page on yesterday, January 12th: “Honestly surprised by this (though it does explain a lot),” with the names “Galaxy S7,” “Galaxy S7 edge,” and “Galaxy S7 edge+” in gray boxes. The gray boxes also contain water droplets, hinting that some water resistance will be present in the devices.

Galaxy S7 Edge Plus

We’re not surprised to see a Galaxy S7 Edge Plus announced, but the timing of the phone’s announcement is interesting. Samsung just unveiled the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus in August alongside of the Galaxy Note 5 in New York City, and that was just 5 months ago today (to be exact), so the unveiling of the next “Edge+” successor is interesting indeed in less than a year after the first. Samsung may very well decide to do this because it intends to shake up the Galaxy Note 6 and the Note lineup in the Fall, but that remains to be seen.

The Galaxy S7 Edge Plus confirmation by Evan Blass also confirms an early rumor about Samsung’s next-generation “Galaxies,” namely, the idea that both devices would have water resistance. Of course, water and dust resistance was a staple feature in the Galaxy S5, though some were disappointed because they had hoped for a metal body. A new rumor surrounding the Galaxy S7 Edge Plus (along with the other Galaxy S7 models) is that Samsung will bring a full metal body, but it’ll be interesting to see how Samsung brings both a metal unibody idea and water resistance to the new devices at the same time. It’s also rumored that Samsung would bring a microSD card slot to the Galaxy S7 variants, but Samsung hasn’t confirmed this — and we keep hearing rumors that say the microSD card slot will return along with rumors that it’s a pipe dream.

What we do know, however, is that @evleaks is rarely wrong. So, with that said, the Galaxy S7 Edge Plus is definitely coming to the market in next month’s announcement.

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