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4 Must-Try Design Ideas for Your Restaurant Comfort Rooms

Among the most visited spaces in a restaurant are their comfort rooms. Apart from the good food, comfort rooms are considered to be the safe place of the guests. The crazy thing about it is that most people don’t use the toilet, they take pictures instead. This a phenomenon were these days they are remodeled because they have observed the time guests spend inside. Transform your plain old comfort room into a place where they feel comfort and solace.

The interior design of the comfort rooms is a significant aspect you should take into account. Provide a dreamy space that will serve as a temporary retreat for your guests to enjoy.

Are you looking for design inspiration? Allow your restaurant’s comfort room to be one of the talks of the town with these 4 must-try design ideas!

The Golden Space

(Image Source:

Are you trying to achieve a warm and immaculate atmosphere for your restaurant’s comfort rooms? The Golden Space is one of the most effective interior designs to try! It is a picture perfect scene for the guests to enjoy.

Designing comfort rooms in restaurants depend on how well each element complements one another. The illusion formed by the mirrors is just amazing. You can see how the mirror looks like it was extended to the ceiling. They used a glossy jet black material attaining a classy look for your comfort rooms. The design is so simple yet see how perfect it is for your next Instagram post!

The image above is one of the best examples for The Golden Space. From the walls to the fixtures, they used very minimalist materials to come up with such an elegant look. The accent wall is designed with a series of elongated mirrors illuminated with the best flexible LED strip lights <do-follow>. The light color they used is not too warm and not too bright making it a perfect place for solace.

The Sketched Scene

(Image Source:

Are you up for a modern medieval comfort room design? The Sketched Scene is a great idea to try. Enough of the usual boring and plain design. It’s time to spice up your comfort rooms with a work of art!

The image above is a great example of The Sketched Scene. You can see from the looks of it how the comfort room speaks for the restaurant’s character. The walls and ceilings are filled with sceneries and patterns which work well together. They used circular mirrors to add a minimalist touch to this wonderful scene. They highlighted the accent wall with plain ivory brick tiles for one of the walls.

Imagine entering the comfort room with a design so appealing to the eyes. You couldn’t help it but be mesmerized with the artsy design of The Sketched Scene. This is a perfect remembrance of your restaurant, especially for art enthusiasts. What a wonderful space to find comfort after meals!

The Room of Mystery

(Image Source:

Can you feel the mystery in this amazing comfort room design? Harry Potter fans may recognize its resemblance from the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magic. With the large mirror, medium height ceilings, and minimalistic fixtures, what’s not to love?

The image above is a great example of patterns complementing the details of one another. The walls were layered with brick style ivory white and jet black tiles. The flooring tiles were arranged diagonally since the tiles on the walls were layered horizontally. You can observe that the fixtures were well-lit too. They stand out in spite of the patterns used for the restroom.

Directions matter too in terms of the arrangement of two similar elements. It’s all about how you put them together and what colors work well. Who knew a restaurant’s comfort room can be this fancy?

The Touches of Texture

(Image Source:

A restaurant’s comfort room is one of the most neglected common areas. How can you not be amazed by the comfort room shown above? Be stunned by the beauty The Touches of Texture possess. It is a comfort room design which is established by different materials, textures, and patterns illuminated by a grand light.

On the image above, you can sense that it is from a fine dining restaurant. A comfort room this elegant has ways on how to draw attention to its users. The walls are finished with deep grey color detailed with vertical patterns. It seems similar to the color of the flooring but was well-illuminated by the recessed lights. The flooring has a marble-like appearance in the matte black finish.

In choosing The Touches of Texture, ensure that it goes well with the interior design of the dining area. The good thing about playing with different textures is when you realized how well it works together. If it does not blend in with the interior of your dining area, it would look like you have entered another establishment.


In choosing the best interior design, you have to be certain about what you want to achieve. These four examples are just the start of the list. Unleash your inner creativity by mixing and matching different materials, textures, and colors. Choose a comfort room design that is picture perfect wise. You can’t manage to neglect a comfort room this amazing. You wouldn’t want to be just remembered for the great food, right?

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