Review: Meross Garage Door Opener – Simple and Effective

Nowadays, living has become more comfortable and homes are easier to manage especially when you integrate it with smart home technology. Having a smart home makes it very convenient. However, there are some homes that have garage door motors that do not support smart home integration. This means, you will have to turn to third party add-ons. Though this is the case, do not worry as most motors could accommodate such device.

One smart device manufacturer that is popular, trustworthy and reliable is Meross and when you hear Meross, you would automatically think of their Garage Door Opener. Their Garage Door Opener is highly affordable and yet it supports all three major voice assistants. It is easy to install and it is fast and reliable as well.

Meross Garage Door Opener Overview


  • Supports Alexa, Google, HomeKit, SmartThings
  • WiFi, no hub
  • USB powered
  • Does not need batteries
  • Works on most motors
  • Wired door sensor

This garage door opener is small and could be set up on top of your existing garage door motor. It comes with a reset button and has three wires. One for USB cable for its power and the other two for the door control and the motor. It has a magnetic sensor as well. It is easy to manage and is more affordable over time. This means, you would not have to keep on investing on batteries. Its sensor wire is long and would definitely not cause you any problems. It comes with small screws which allows you to attach the sensor and magnet to.

How Does It Work?

Garage door openers operate and work by attaching a wired push button which are used for manual control. They, usually are installed on the wall of your garage or inside the house. You will find wire terminals on the side of the motor where your button would be connected which then your Meross device would connect to the mentioned terminals and then would provide a signal to open or close the garage door.

Through the mentioned method, we could assure you that you will not have any problems with encrypted remote signals. It would be easy to install and set it up as well. If you wish to check if your door motor is compatible you could go to Meross’ site. If it is not compatible, Meross would surely provide you an adapter that would fix the issue.

Installation and Setup

Having a Meross app is very convenient. It provides a detailed physical installation process and it also provides details about mandatory compatibility. As for Homekit users, you will be able to scan QR code in the Home app. This means, you would not need to use the Meross app in this case. However, this method, upon testing, does not work for us. Hence, if it does not work for you too, you could still use the Meross app to setup initially then go and connect to your HomeKit.

As soon as you are able to connect, you could then follow the steps in installing the device. Do not worry as it is simple and pretty straight forward. All you have to do is to place the opener on top of your door motor and then connect the short wires to your motor push button terminals. Place your sensor on the longer sensor wire. You would not need to put it at the bottom of the door. In fact, you could put it anywhere that will move the magnet away from the sensor where the door open. You could also put it at the top of the door or on the top side edge. You could use Adhesive cable clips to install your device.

How Does It Stack Up?

Through the Meross app, you will be able to do the initial setup and update firmware. Keep in mind that when you are setting up, you must always check and consider your configuration options. You will have to adjust the open and close time of your door. This way your door will be able to use the obstruction detection feature correctly. Do not also forget to configure your notifications. This way you could get notifications from your smart home.

For you to be able to access your settings, tap the top right corner of your door tile. Through the app, you will be able to view the status information of your firmware version, WiFi strength, Mac address, operational history log and many more.

The app also provides notifications when the door gets opened, closed, when the door is left open for more then 5 minutes.

The Meross opener responds as fast as MyQ. MyQ on the other hand has a 5 second delay but though that is the case, it would flash the motor light as a warning. This, in fact, is a safety feature. Meross does not have a limitation in terms of ability to detect obstructions. There is also an alarm setting as well. As for notifications,



  • Supports HomeKit, IFTTT, Google, SmartThings
  • Supports time limited user access
  • Door position sensor
  • Local control
  • Instructions are available online only

This one is considered as a more expensive option. It is known as the GoGoGate. Its compatibility is similar to smart home platform. Moreover, it has true HomeKit control and what is amazing about it is that you would not need cloud for it. There is no subscription required as well and it could be used in any region. Its Pro version could be wired up to three door openers from one device.

Nexx NXG-200

This one is a very popular option especially if you are not using HomeKit. Just keep in mind, however, that it does not have Siri Shortcuts for voice control. Though that is the case, this one is very similar to Meross in terms of its button terminals. It also comes with more extra features including wireless door sensor. It has a multi-user control in the Nexx app.


Meross Garage Door Opener is something you would expect it to be. It is simple and reliable in terms of providing you control of your garage door through smart home. It has the ability to open and close your garage door. We highly recommend this garage door opener and you would surely get the best value out of it.

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