Ring updates the next generation smart video doorbell

Many Internet of Thing contraception are always gimmick and fun, but a video doorbell that allows users to be always at home might be the most useful in the IoT spectrum. Ring has introduced updates (Pro version) to its original door Doorbell. The updated version features better resolution – 1080p video and a four interchange faceplate that gives users the ability to select which area of the doorbell should be carefully watched. The Pro version also has a configurable motion detection zone that alerts a homeowner of the presence of unexpected animal and people on his/her property.

The basic premise of the original version has been maintained. The doorbells still connects to a user’s WI-FI, and when someone rings the bell, users can just answer from their phone with a video call. The night vision mode in which it uses infrared LED is also available while the option of saving up to six months of videos to the cloud is still intact. Cloud recording cost $3 per month or $30 per year for six-month storage. Since Pro has been designed for outdoors purposes, it is weather-resistant and can handle snow, rain, high temperature and sleet.

All the features of the doorbell have been considered quite next level. For instance, the ability to answer your door using your phone is important when a person has a delivery and does not want to miss it. Also, when someone is working at home and doesn’t fancy going to see who is at the door, he/she can just use the phone. With Ring installed at your home, someone will always be at home all times.

The pro version is retailing at $200 while the original sells at $199. The $51 difference is for the additional features plus a sleeker design, a smaller form factor, and highly configurable motion detection.

Ring has managed to raise an additional $61.2 million in a Series C funding round. This means that investors have noted it’s potential and are willing to invest in it. The company has expanded their product lineup and now has Ring Stick Up Cam, which is an outdoor security camera that captures footage and providing two-way audio.

The company credits its devices as having prevented countless burglaries and package theft and also helping to assist in identification of home break-in suspect around the U.S.

Ring was formerly known as Doorbot in 2013 before changing its name in 2016.It has undergone a rebranding phase and has added new technology and products to its offering. Its headquarters is in Santa Monica.

Featured Image credit: thenextdigit

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