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Is it safe to use Online Video Downloaders?

We all have had days when we wished that we could download some of the best tutorials from YouTube and watch them at our own ease or whenever we want to. Well, the good news is that those days of wishing so, have gone. Thanks to the innovation of video downloader, that allows us to download any video from Youtube or any other platform, without much hassle. 

Is it Legal and Safe to use a Video Downloader? 

With so many video downloaders, making life easier for us, the biggest question that pops up in one’s brain is whether it is legal to do so? Is it safe? 

The answer to this depends on the usage of the video that you wish to download. Youtube is extremely strict when it comes to copyright issues. Therefore, if you are downloading the video for your own personal, offline use, it is legal and safe to do so. 

The terms of use of YouTube videos, clearly states the following: 

You are not permitted to access, reproduce, distribute, download, display, broadcast, modify, sell or license any part of the content or service. 

This clarifies the fact that you can download content from YouTube, through a video downloader, until and unless, you are not “stealing” the content. If you wish to share a video with your friends, you don’t need to get into the hassle of downloading it. You can easily share it via the icon available under every video which allows you to share it on different social networks. Therefore, it is legal and safe to use a video downloader, if the only purpose is to watch it later on, at your own ease and it is only for private use. 

For example, YouTube is filled with tutorials and many people aim to learn through them. This is where a lot of students can easily download the tutorials they want to watch. They can easily watch it at their ease and the time they find suitable without having to connect to the internet again and again. Likewise, many people might be traveling and they want some podcasts on their tablet to pass the time as they wont have internet facility on the way. They can also download the content through a video downloader. 

Pick the best Downloader:

The internet world is filled with video downloaders and many of them are scam too. It is no big surprise, as the online globe is not secure as much as we wish it would be. Thus, be very careful while you pick a video downloader. It is best to do your research and see the formats the website supports. Also look for reviews for the specific downloader and it must be offering you to download videos from any website. 

At the end, it is completely safe to use a video downloader, if you are not stealing anyone’s online content.

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