Samsung and Xiaomi to UFS memory in their next gen smartphones

According to a Korean website Samsung is planning to use UFS 2.0 NAND Flash memory in their next gen smartphone probably the Samsung Galaxy S6. If you don’t know UFS 2.0 NAND Flash memory is super-fast memory that has a transfer speed of around 1.2 gigabytes per second while the eMMC NAND flash technology that is used on current smartphones can reach up to 400MBPS. The reason why this new and fast technology is needed is to stream Ultra HD videos on a smartphone. UFS flash memory is also power efficient and consumes less power than the eMMC 5.0, the way it works is that the memory is paired with a solid state drive because of which UFS is able to achieve such great transfer speeds.

Xiaomi is also said to be working on using the same UFS technology on their next gen smartphone while Samsung is said to replace their SD cards slots with microSD card slots for UFS in the future. Samsung said that they will “start the application (of UFS) centering on flagship smartphones” with a new smartphone set to launch next year but the specs on that smartphone that is going to launch next year has not been finalized yet.

As smartphone displays are updating every year so are the internal specs to power and run such huge resolution displays and a faster memory is also going to play a part in that. If Samsung and Xiaomi were able to equip their smartphones with UFS memory till next year then the company would have something new and unique to compete with.

What do you think about UFS memory, would you stream Ultra HD content on your smartphone if your smartphone had the ability to?



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