Samsung attempts to hit Apple again with an iPhone 7 mockup

Bitter rivalries will always end up in defamation attempts on both rivals and in the case of Samsung and Apple, the battle will only reach a climax when any one of the two companies will stop manufacturing smartphones. Since mobile computing is currently obscuring the globe, putting a halt to the manufacturing of devices does not seem like a resourceful option for either companies.

Samsung attempted to make a mock of Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus yet again with an advertisement created by the company. The advertisement comprises of a blueprint, which has details of the Galaxy Note 4 illustrated on the top of that blueprint. On the bottom of that blueprint it reads, ‘Dear Apple. Here’s a headstart for the iPhone 7.’

Either Samsung thinks that Apple’s attempts of making a larger screen, comprising of a 4.7 inch screen device or another phablet possessing a 5.5 inch screen size will end in egregious failure or the company really has started to feel the overwhelming pressure coming from the iPhone manufacturer. This is not the first time that Samsung has attempted to take a jab at Apple with the release of mockup advertisements, heavily criticizing the company’s mobile products.

Other companies have also attempted in giving Apple a large blow to its ego. Looking back in retrospect, when Antennagate started plaguing the iPhone 5 users, it was Motorola who attempted to shift the momentum away from Apple. Motorola is in the midst of releasing the DROID X soon. The device is expected to possess components that will be able to thwart the Moto X+1 in benchmarking performance as well as possess a ton of other features, including support for the Android L operating system.

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