Samsung files BRITECELL patent application, hints at new camera and sensor for the Galaxy S7

Samsung’s 5MP front camera and 16MP back camera in all of its high-end 2015 smartphone arsenal have been world-leading, beating out all other smartphone cameras in the current market. While Galaxy Note 5 users herald the latest smartphone from Samsung, it is November – and the Galaxy S7 is set to arrive in about three months. With only three months left before Samsung brings better tech to the table, Samsung isn’t resting on its laurels.

The latest shows a Samsung patent application for BRITECELL, a name without reference. The only thing we can know about this patent is that it could very well reflect a camera sensor, seeing that Samsung currently uses its own camera sensors in the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, and Galaxy Note 5 called “ISOCELL.” The Galaxy S7 could very well have a new camera sensor from Samsung within it, allowing for greater pictures and videos while doing something new we’ve not seen from the Korean giant yet.

As for the camera, we’ve heard that Samsung intends to use a larger sensor as opposed to the sensor of the current 2015 lineup, and that Samsung will either 1) move ahead from the 16MP sensor for the back camera to a 20MP or 2) retreat down to a 12MP sensor while using better “micropixels” which bring in more light and improve color and lighting reproduction. We don’t know anything specific, but “ISOCELL” and “BRITECELL” don’t seem too far apart. After all, “BRITE” is also a dead giveaway to a brighter camera sensor that lets in more light, with better-lit photos than exist in the latest smartphones this year.

With a 12MP sensor in the Galaxy S7, we could see Samsung start to reduce the price of its flagship, bringing down the regular Galaxy S7 to about 10% less than what we’ve seen it priced at this year ($650 for 32GB). Samsung may be doing this to create a third tier in its high-end lineup: the Galaxy Note 5 for those who want the best of Samsung’s experience; the Galaxy S6 edge/edge+ for those who want a design that stands out, for a price, of course; and the Galaxy S7, the most affordable top-tier device for those who want the best of Samsung for less.

Galaxy S7 camera patent


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