Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge performs worse than iPhone 6 in bend test

Everyone remembers the #bendgate trend which was set when few people complained about their iPhone 6 Plus being bent while it is in their back pocket. Some users and testing organizations took it to a whole new level and the world discovered that iPhone 6 can be bent with bare hands by just exerting a bit of more pressure.

It looks like these people were eagerly waiting for Samsung’s next flagship device the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to launch so that they can perform the same test on it. A YouTube channel of the testing company called SquareTrade which also tested the #bendgate scandal on iPhone 6 has done the same thing with Galaxy S6 Edge. Turns out, Galaxy S6 Edge performs even worse than iPhone 6.

During the test, SquareTrade put the same amount of pressure on the Galaxy 6 Edge which they did on iPhone 6 Plus and guess what; it not only bent the Edge but also shattered the screen. Galaxy S6 Edge was bent by just putting 110 pounds of pressure. Moreover, Galaxy Edge screen broke after 149 pounds of pressure but iPhone 6 Plus survived for 179 pounds.

SquareTrade has posted a video on YouTube showing three devices in the bend test – iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S6 Edge and HTC One M9. HTC One M9 screen shattered and the phone was bent after putting 120 pounds of pressure.

iPhone 6 Plus fans can now feel a bit relaxed and can start mocking the Samsung fans as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge performs worse than iPhone 6 Plus. The bottom line of this test is not to check which phone lasts longer in a bend test, but not to put the device in the back pocket because it’s the perfect place where the phone can actually get that much pressure from rear curvature of the body.

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