Samsung Gear VR headset goes on sale for $200

We have been hearing a lot about Samsung working on a virtual reality device known as Samsung Gear VR and the company has finally made it available for purchase. There is a catch to it though as the device is still in its beta stages and the company would only be launching an “innovator edition” of the device which is going to be available through AT&T for $199.

Samsung officially announced their Gear VR back in September when the company partnered with Oculus to make it happen. What we know about the device is that it runs on a custom Oculus software and also uses the same sensors used on Oculus Rift development kit, though we are not certain about one thing which is that what can the device actually do at this stage.

Do note that in order to use Samsung Gear VR users should own a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone as it works as a screen on the Gear VR while the kit its self-have lenses on it which would help to create a 3D image. The features that AT&T mentioned about the Samsung Gear VR includes viewing photos and video, and playing games, but it’s not known how many games are currently compatible with the device.

Samsung Gear VR is still in its beta stages so we don’t expect a lot from the device yet but the fact that only Note 4 is supported on the device is not what we liked about it. Though the device only costs $200 but adding a Note 4 rises the price to $800 if someone does not own a Galaxy Note 4, but the device is fun to try just like any other virtual device.

It would be great though if Samsung was able to add support for more devices in the final version of their Gear VR.




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