Samsung introduces Power Sharing cable

Samsung has announced a new accessory today called Power Sharing cable that allows users to transfer power from one device to another device. The cable that is priced at $20 can be used between any two compatible smartphones, smartwatches or tablets. Any device that has a micro USB port can use this cable.

This is the first time that a manufacturer has introduced an accessory that transfers battery power from one device to another. This feature can greatly benefit people who own a Gear smartwatch as they can transfer their phone’s power to smartwatch when needed.

Transferring power is not done as simply as it looks like. In order to perform this whole operation, Samsung has introduced a special app available on Google Play that lets users do the transferring easily. The app allows any user to select how much power he/she needs to transfer from one device to another. User selects the direction of the ‘Arrow’ displayed on the app to direct which way the power will flow. Due to some reasons, users cannot transfer full power from one device to another.

Currently Samsung has listed Galaxy S 5, Galaxy Tab S 10.5, Galaxy Tab S 8.4, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Avant and the Galaxy Note 4 as the compatible devices for the Power Sharing cable accessory. Although the cable can be used to charge any device that has a micro USB port, even from other manufacturers too but it is still to be seen if Samsung restricts the usage of the cable within the Samsung line of products or make it free to use with other devices too.

Currently the cable is available in white only and can be purchased from Samsung website.

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