Samsung Pay iris integration has arrived

Samsung Pay allows you to pay for purchases from your phone, even in old town stores with traditional card readers and no NFC terminals. The latest update to the mobile payments system brings Samsung Pay iris integration that now lets you purchase stuff with your eyes.

Now, Samsung Pay iris integration is a part of the update, but you can only access iris authentication if you have an iris scanner-enabled device. What this means is that currently, only the Galaxy Note 7 provides Samsung Pay iris integration over all the other current Samsung smartphones such as the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S7 Active, and even the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, and S6 edge+ from 2015. Galaxy Note 7 users are getting Samsung Pay iris integration alone, which puts them in an exclusive camp for the next 6 months.

Samsung is not the first to market with an iris scanner (as the Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL have it), but the company is the first Android OEM to implement one in its smartphones. The iris scanner requires you to swipe up on the main screen before positioning your eyes with an on-screen preview mask, then letting the IR LED determine if your eyes match those taken by the iris camera before authenticating and validating the identity. You can now pay with your irises at the same traditional card-reading stores you’ve been frequenting. No more are you required to pay with your fingerprint scan. And, truth be told, iris scans are far more hack-proof than fingerprint scans — which can be ripped off from any home button, replicated, and used to gain access to private, confidential information and data.

With Samsung’s push for Samsung Pay iris integration on the Galaxy Note 7, and iris scanning as a future authentication alternative to fingerprint scans, you can rest assured that the Galaxy S8 in 2017 will also have Samsung Pay iris integration once it gets its iris scanner.

You can check out the new Samsung Pay iris update in the screenshots below.

Samsung Pay iris integration popup

Samsung Pay iris download

Samsung Pay download

Samsung Pay app installed

Samsung Pay 2.3 update iris authentication

Source: Samsung Pay

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