Samsung Pay now live in the US

Samsung Pay is Samsung’s own take on mobile payments, with the Korean manufacturer having already released Samsung Pay in Korea. The company promised it would unveil Samsung Pay in the US on September 28th, and the company has delivered as promised. Samsung’s mobile payment system is available for Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, and the Galaxy Note5.

Samsung has made some updates to Samsung Pay within the last few days, including the addition of off-screen activation that allows you to use Samsung Pay with the screen off, in addition to adding an “about” section within the app that allows you to check for new Samsung Pay updates to be on the very top of mobile payment security when the time arrives.

Samsung has touted its mobile payment system as superior to Apple’s, considering that Samsung uses MST (or magnetic safety transmission) that makes it compatible with current debit/credit card readers. Samsung customers can pay at traditional card readers by placing their phone in close proximity to the traditional card reader. Unlike Apple Pay, which requires stores to update their credit card machines, Samsung’s own Samsung Pay mobile payment allows merchants to use their current technology while still allowing customers to engage mobile payments. In addition, Samsung has decided to offer its Samsung Pay system to merchants for free, in contrast to Apple, who gets a certain amount of money for each Apple Pay transaction. Samsung has taken the opportunity to make fun of Apple in one of its latest “It’s Not a Phone, It’s a Galaxy” promotionals.



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