Samsung teases its next round Gear smartwatch

Samsung has posted a new photo in a press release on its website that allegedly shows the round watch screen of a smartwatch. Samsung didn’t announce the new round smartwatch but the photo posted on its website is a clear indication that there is another Samsung Gear smartwatch in the works.

The press release is originally meant for developers to get their hands on the new Samsung Android SDK which, according to Samsung, will help them develop apps for its upcoming Gear smartwatch (not yet announced). If this is to be true, then the upcoming round smartwatch will be the 7th gear product in the past 2 years.

Talking about the photo, it shows a round smartwatch screen which can be seen as a clear indication that the next Gear product will feature a round screen. Previous Gear wearable devices have either rectangular or curved displays but no device featured a full 360 degree screen like the one found on Motorola Moto360 or LG G Watch R.

Motorola Moto360 got a lot of praise for its round design before its launch but then it had issues which badly damaged its reputation. But companies like LG and Huawei have successfully released the round smartwatches which have also received great attention.

Samsung has released more smartwatches than any other company in order to control the wearable market. Samsung did manage to hold the largest market share for smartwatches last year but according to analysts, Apple Watch smartwatch will overtake Samsung this year. The upcoming smartwatch will be a key component in deciding whether Samsung will be able to hold on to its top spot or will it lose its position to its rival Apple.

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