Samsung tipped to be working on a 4k mobile display

Every wished for a 4k display on a smartphone? We looks like Samsung is working on that as according to a tip Samsung has plans to start manufacturing 4k displays for their next gen smartphones. Samsung has been tipped to be working on a 5.9 inch Ultra HD Display that will have a pixel density of over 700ppi. 5.9 inches sure is a big size which can only be suitable for Samsung’s Note line of smartphones.

Samsung its self has also tipped from time to time said that they are working on a UHD 2160×3840 resolution display so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see if Samsung is actually trying to equip their next gen smartphones with it, though the display is going to use a “Diamond Pixel” arrangement which basically means non-standard pixel matrix arrangement while Samsung for now uses a PenTile matrix but at a resolution of 216×3840 and a pixel density of 700+ppi no one would be able to note the difference.

Samsung is not the only one to be in the 4k game as companies like LG and even Sharp are working on their versions of 4k displays that are going to be used on next gen smartphones. The production of the UHD displays by Samsung is tipped to start in August 2015 which means that the display will be ready in time for the Note 5 that will launch in September 2015 at IFA. Now a display with a 4k resolution needs a lot of processing power as well so if Samsung was going to equip their Note 5 with a 4k display then there should be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 under the hood to power it.

What do you think about using a 4k display on a smartphone, is it an overkill?

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