Samsung to provide 80% of Apple’s Future A-Series Chips for iOS Devices

As we all known about the history of Apple and Samsung how they have been rivals for so many years to each other, but looks like even between rivalling companies there can be a beneficial agreement. Samsung and Apple have reached an agreement where Samsung would provide applications processors for both iPhones and iPads for the year 2016. With this agreement Samsung would be providing over 80% of the whole applications processor which would make it the biggest supplier of Apple’s applications processor while the rest of the 20% will be handled by a Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

Apple will be responsible for the designing of their A-series processor while both Samsung and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company will be responsible for the manufacturing of Apple designed chips. The recent partnership with Global Foundries will help Samsung a lot to complete the shipment of applications processors requested by Apple by “cutting off capacity risk”.

Samsung will be using 14-nanometer Fin FET processing technology to manufacture Apple’s applications processor chips while the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company will be using 16-nanometer Fin FET processing technology which makes Samsung’s processor better and efficient.

Apple is not the only company that Samsung would be handling as the company will also be securing more chips than leading chips manufacturers likes Qualcomm, Sony and Nvidia. The partnership with Global Foundries has made a huge impact on Samsung’s production as the company would be able to produce far more than it used it. Samsung is competing in every field nowadays whether its smartphones, chips, augmented reality or capturing the low end market and is doing good in all these field as well.

Samsung’s upcoming logic chips is reportedly said to be of billions of dollars and with profits like these it won’t be long before Samsung will be sitting at the top in Smartphone manufacturing.

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