Samsung Z2 running Tizen goes live

Samsung has released a Tizen Z1 and a Tizen Z3, but the company decided for some odd reason to skip a “Z2.” Now, apparently, seems to be a good time to return to that skipped number and cover it with this year’s offerings. To that end, a Samsung Z2 running Tizen has been teased on a video supplied courtesy of renown Samsung fan site SamMobile.

The video shows a nice textured print pattern on the back, with the camera, LED flash, and speaker (as is the case on the Tizen-powered Z3). The Samsung Z2 appears to have a very thin side bezel, with the back cover “melting” into the side of the device so that you barely even notice it’s there. Of course, we get a glimpse of the power/standby button, which is on the opposite (right) side as opposed to the volume buttons that are on the left side of the handset. Other buttons such as the home button, back button, and task manager/pages button are still in their old, familiar places.

The Samsung Z2 will also feature a quad-core processor with 4 1.5Ghz cores as opposed to the current dual-core processor of the Z1 and the Z3, along with a 5MP back camera and pre-loaded apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and My Money Transfer.

The Samsung Z2 will run Samsung’s own homegrown OS, Tizen, rather than Android (no surprise to anyone who’s explored Samsung’s Z series) and, with its 5MP back camera, looks to be an update to the Z1 instead of the Z3. It now makes sense as to why Samsung skipped “Z2” as a phone moniker last year and decided to hold off until now to release a phone bearing what some would claim is an outdated moniker.

At any rate, Samsung is likely to announce this phone in September or October, though the company announced its Tizen-powered Z3 last year in rather late fashion last year. Still, this video gives a good expectation of what to expect.


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