Samsung Z9 could be the longed-for Tizen flagship

Samsung has been making low-cost, budget-friendly handsets bearing the “Z” moniker that run Tizen OS, the Korean giant’s homegrown OS (some may remember Bada; if you do, it’s practically a spinoff of Bada). Well, the Tizen-powered Z1 (2015), Z3 (2015), now the Z2 and soon, a Z1 (2016) model give the impression that Samsung is just getting started with Tizen. Add to that Samsung’s moving the first-generation Galaxy Gear from Android to Tizen, followed by the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, and the Gear S (2014) and Gear S2 (2015), smartwatches that run Tizen, on top of Samsung’s insistence that the company wouldn’t make any more Android Wear smartwatches such as the Gear Live, and you’ve got a recipe for Tizen to be “where it’s at” for Samsung. The Samsung Z9 is looking to be a potent handset that is under wraps, with a model number but little else known about it.

The handset has leaked with model number SM-Z930F, with the “F” indicating that this device is unlocked and possibly destined for Europe. This isn’t a dual-SIM device, so the Samsung Z9 won’t likely be heading to China or anywhere that makes dual-SIM smartphones a priority. The device is said to be “for R&D purposes,” indicating that this isn’t a final unit but is in testing and development. The price of the Samsung Z9, set at 30,792 Indian rupees, indicates that this Tizen-powered Z9 will be about $458.62 USD — the price of a mid-range device here in the US. This pricing seems similar to that of the metal-clad Galaxy Alpha, and its price seems similar to that of Apple’s iPhone SE. That doesn’t indicate much about its specs, however, seeing that even the iPhone SE has features like the same 12MP back camera you’ll find of the high-end iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

samsung z9 appears in shipping document


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