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Samsung’s Family Hub Smart Fridge lets you “chill” out when grocery shopping

CES is a time where ideas that “think outside the box” are presented, with everyone from major tech companies to “little guys” presenting their ideas that could make or break the year for them. Samsung, however, is no stranger to “outside the box” technology, as the company’s experimental nature will allow the Korean giant to try anything at least once. This year, Samsung has taken the wraps off a new Family Hub Smart Fridge featuring a 21.5-inch device with a 1080p touch screen that lets you see what’s in your refrigerator without having to open the door. In addition, the Family Hub Smart Fridge has an app that can be loaded onto your smartphone so that, should you find yourself in the grocery store forgetting what you needed to buy, you can “spy” on your fridge in real time and see what needs to be purchased. Samsung’s Family Hub Smart Fridge does this by way of three cameras within the refrigerator.

Family Hub Smart Fridge 1

The navigation buttons consist of a home button, back button, and an information button (presumably to navigate the touch screen web browser), and Samsung’s S-Voice to have a voice command assistant should you want to dictate everything instead of typing and texting.

As for the touch screen, you can display recipes on your refrigerator, or web pages, or a menu (should you want to order your food), and US customers will be able to order groceries due to a program called “Groceries” by MasterCard. You can place your order on the touch screen and expect your groceries to arrive at your door in record time — without leaving your home. This will come in great for cooks who are in the middle of cooking a holiday meal when they run out of StoveTop stuffin, loaded mashed potatoes, or shrimp…wait, we better not mention any more for fear you’re getting hungry too.

The Family Hub Smart Fridge will be available in May, though we don’t have a price at the moment.

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