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Scoot Coupe is now making waves and noise n the market. The reason behind this is due to its unique concept. The Scoot Coupe is a combined vehicle of bike, scooter and car. This new type of vehicle, for sure, would be loved by anyone who is stylish and at the same time would want to become practical. Through the Scoot Coupe, you will be able to easily pass through traffic. Moreover, what is amazing about this vehicle is that it is very affordable and would surely be within your budget.

Scoot Coupe

Scoot Coupe comes in two models which are P50 and P150 and though this type of vehicle is small, you would not need to worry about storage for your groceries or other personal belongings as the Scoot Coup comes with large storage area which could be found at the back area of this vehicle.

As mentioned earlier, Scoot Coupe has two different models – P50 and P150. They differ in terms of the maximum speed on which you could run them.

  • P50 – top speed of 30 mph
  • P150 – top speed up to 55 mph

If you wish to have a compact type of vehicle and transportation, then, the Scoot Coupe is perfect for you. Both models come with options of different colors which you could choose from. What is great about this vehicle is that though it is compact and small, it is legal to be driven in most states and on all kinds of roads.

Scoot Coupe P50

The Scoot Coupe P50 has fully automatic transmission. It is a perfect and impressive vehicle which you would surely enjoy driving on your next adventure. It has a twist and go type of controls and it has side seat seating which ensures safety. For safety reasons, this vehicle has a maximum speed of 30 mph. Though that is the case, we highly encourage you not to go over 25 mph.

This vehicle might not look powerful but do not be deceived nor fooled by its looks as Scoot Coupe P50 is powerful with its 49cc engine. It has front and rear disc brakes which is an impressive stopping power. Of course, just like any other vehicles, P50 comes with passenger seatbelts.

The P50 sports stylish alloy rims with DOOT lighting package. It also has a storage space where you could put your things and/or groceries.

Scoot Coupe 150

The Scoot Coupe 150 might be small but again, do not let its looks fool you. This vehicle could be used as your personal transportation. It comes with impressive features and it lets you travel around with a maximum top speed of 55 mph. It comes with easy control features and side by side seating. It has seatbelts and its engine is 150cc. It has alloy rims, wheel anti-lock disc brakes and DOT lighting package.

Do I Need License to Drive Scoot Coupe P50?

Yes, you would need a regular driver’s license when you drive the Scoot Coupe P50. However, it is wise to check with your local authority to ensure that you are compliant with your local laws and regulations.

Do I Need A License to Drive Scoot Coupe P150?

For the P150, you would need a motorcycle license. However, we highly suggest for you to check with your local authority.


How much does a Scoot Coupe cost?

The retail price of P50 is $7599 and the P150 is $8250.

Is Scoot Coupe for sale?

Yes it is for sale. You could check their website to find authorized dealers. It could also be rented in some states in the US.

Could I buy used Scoot Coupe?

Yes you could find them on eBay or Craigslist.

How fast can Scoot Coupe go?

P150 is 55mph and P50 is 30 mph.

Is Scoot Coupe electric?

It is powered by engine which requires gasoline

How many people can fit Scoot Coupe?

Two could fit comfortably including storage for groceries.

Can I take my dog with me in a Scoot coupe?

For rental, unfortunately no but of course an exception for those who has service animals for persons with disabilities.

Is it easy to learn how to drive a scoot coupe?

Yes, in fact, you would only take 30 minutes for you to be comfortable with driving it.

Do Scoot Coupe car has comfortable seats?

Yes, they are comfortable and adjustable as well.

What is the weight capacity of this car?

It could handle up to two hundred pounds.

Could I drive this car on a highway?

Unfortunately not as this vehicle is not designed for highway driving.

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