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Scout Home Security System Review

Each homeowner has a different need as well as space in their home. As such some are in search of a DIY Home Security System that they can use and set-up according to the needs of their home. This is what Scout Home Security System can provide.


Scout Home Security System is a DIY security system that consumers can install in their homes. It is very similar to other DIY security systems such as Oplink and SimpliSafe. However compared to other systems it integrates the Zigbee technology.

The Scout Home Security System has five hardware components: the Scout Hub, which is the main base station of your security system, the Door Panel, which is designed to monitor entryways, the Access Sensor, which monitors everything that is opened and closed, the Motion Sensor and HD Camera.

Pros and Cons 


Because Scout Home Security System is a DIY system, one has the option to buy the complete system to set-up in their home or purchase just what they prefer. So you can customize your home’s security based on your available budget or based on what you need to help make you feel secure.

Another plus for this security system is that subscribing to their service plan is optional since you can opt for the system to be self-monitored.

The entire system is very easy to set-up and can be done in minutes; you will just need to follow the instructions. Another plus is that installing the security system will not require one to drill holes in their homes. You will just need to stick it where you want because it has a strong adhesive at its back.

The main plus for the Scout Home Security System is that you will only need to buy what you need to cover base. You can further customize your security system with the mode settings it has which you can edit to fit your schedule or your needs.

Although Scout Home Security System can be accessed via mobile, it is restricted to iOS and is not yet available for phones with an Android OS. This is a big limitation especially for those who prefer Android phones who want to access their home’s security system.

If you do plan on purchasing all of the elements of the security system it will cost anywhere between $400 – $500 which is not that cheap.


If you are looking for a simple and no-fuss security system, Scout Home Security System is for you. You can easily install what you choose to become part of your home security system. It is not that cheap as compared to other security systems but can help you save money since you don’t need to subscribe to any of their services.

Although Scout Home Security System offers a way for you to customize and personalize your security system, it still has some limitations which can make it unattractive. It still needs to work on the app availability and is yet to be available to both iOS and Android mobile users.

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