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To improve one’s company’s website’s ranking on search engines, a search marketing software is the best tool that one could use. Through a search marketing software, one would not need to pay for placements. Since Google gains about 77% global marketing share, it is important that your website would rank high in the said search engine and you could do this through a search marketing software.

Search marketing is very important for business websites since it is known that 35% internet users search through search engine results and 80% online purchases are results of search queries. Mobile search spending approximately amounts to $30 million, Facebook users make about 1 billion searches and 76% companies use marketing strategies for online search ranking improvement. Based on these statistics, it is highly recommended to invest in an effective search marketing software for your website to be more visible.

One of the best search marketing tools is SEMrush. This tool works as a competitor analysis. It provides information and details such as top-rated keywords. It also comes with range of metrics which will give you better understanding of your industry and market. It also helps in giving you ideas on how to improve your company advertisement strategies. It allows you to track your business’ performance and growth.

The benefits of having SEMrush as your search marketing tool:

  • It provides important information and competitive analysis you could use for your marketing campaigns.
  • It is affordable
  • Could be used for site audits, SEO and pay per click strategies
  • Assists you in selecting phrases and long-tail tecrms for social, semantic SEO and content marketing.
  • Compare your competitors’ keywords and domains
  • Track queries and search traffic

Though SEMrush is a great tool and is very useful to many, it also might not be a right fit for your requirements but this does not mean you will not be able to find one that would suit your business marketing needs.

Here are a few alternatives that are similar to SEMrush that you could explore:

1. Exponea

A cloud-based marketing platform, Exponea provides information and data which you could use to improve customer experience and this is through its engagement automation and analysis features. This app is known for its useful features such as custom funnels, automated sales funnel operations, CRM, web layers and revenue analyses.

Advantages of Exponea over SEMrush:

  • Has the ability to facilitate full technology integration
  • Allows you to incorporate data collection, analyses and execution
  • You could access it through plug and play


Advantages of SEMrush over Exponea:

  • Affordable
  • Tracks queries based on search traffic
  • Allow you to compare keyword data and domains of your competitors

2. Serpstat

Serpstat is an SEO solution which you could use to improve and enhance your SEO performance in search analytics, content marketing, pay per click and marketing. It also provides information such as the high rankers on search engine result pages. It also provides assistance and tools for you to be able to get higher rank than your competitors. Serpstat comes with business intelligence and information on advertisement or promotion spending strategies of your competitors and how they achieved it.

Serpstat is known for its features such as inforgraphics and reports, market intelligence, advertising analysis, on-page audit, and rank tracking.

Advantages of Serpstat over SEMrush

  • Provides information on the top 100 search results for a certain keyword.
  • Provides detailed backlink analysis reports including domains and referring pages.
  • Provides historical data keywords per region and city.

Advantages of SEMrush over Serpstat

  • Provides customizable reports which provides historical performance and trends.
  • Monitors about 106 million keywords and 87 million domains.
  • Has around 26 databases in 25 countries.

3. AgencyAnalytics

AgencyAnalytics is another SEO reporting app. It comes with features such as custom branded dashboards, mobile apps, PPC keyword tracking, backlink monitoring, SEO auditing, multiple third party analytics integration, automated reporting and social analytics. It also allows its users to create custom dashboards which displays campaigns. It also provides details and information on backlinks, domains, search console integrations, statistics on Google and Bing rankings and Adwords.

Advantages of AgencyAnalytics over SEMrush:

  • Allows you to track Google My Business listings on Google Maps.
  • Provides rank tracker
  • Supports Bing and Google

Advantages of SEMrush over AgencyAnalytics:

  • Allows you to review your competitors’ Advertisement texts
  • Provides domain keyword rankings
  • Allows you to view your competitors’ organic positions

4. Raven Tools

This platform is usually used for managing online advertising campaigns, SEO work and social media communication. The Raven Tools allows its users to be able to collaborate with teammates, create ad campaigns, monitor social networks, generate campaign reports, manage link building, conduct research and analysis and track search engine trends. It also gets information such as social, link, keyword and competitor intelligence from SEMrush, SEOmoz, Majestic SEO. Raven Tools also offer the following:

  • Advertising tools
  • Social media tools
  • Customer care
  • SEO tools

Advantages of Raven Tools over SEMrush:

  • Allows you to generate marketing reports
  • Comes with a site auditor which could crawl on any website you select to gather information on technical SEO areas.
  • Allows you to monitor and participate on multiple social conversations real-time

Advantages of SEMrush over Raven Tools:

  • Allows you to compare SEO metrics
  • Allows you to compare websites
  • Assists you in finding log tail keywords

5. Moz

Moz is a platform you could use to boost your SEO campaigns. It comes with link analysis which provides information on quality and inbound links, SEO keyword generator and keyword research tools. It also comes with tutorials which could help you in creating and improving your strategies and SEO program. Moz also offers rank tracking, open site explorer, on-page recommendations, weekly crawls, seminars and discounts. If you encounter any problems, you could contact their technical support team.

Advantages of Moz over SEMrush:

  • Allows you to monitor your competitors
  • Provides analysis of top ranking pages
  • Tracks key metrics

Advantages of SEMrush over Moz:

  • Provides accurate ad data
  • Monitor your competitors’ ranking
  • Provides detailed reports

6. BrightEdge

BrightEdge is one of the most effective content marketing tools. It provides analyses of your SEO which allows you improve your performance. It comes with amazing reporting and analysis features that could optimize the content of your site for higher ROI. This tool comes with tasks and workflow management, share of Voice Report, keyword and PPC discovery, site audit and SEO recommendations.

Advantages of BrightEdge over SEMrush:

  • Allows you to create a better professional landing pages
  • Allows you to make your content search engine easy to find
  • Identifies which channels are ideal for you

Advantages of SEMrush over BrightEdge:

  • It has an audit tool which analyzes webpages and notifies you for any duplications
  • Identifies pay per click competitors and view best performing keywords
  • Reveals your keywords stack up against competitors

7. UpCity

This platform is cost effective and is cheap in terms of not having to pay internet advertisements. With UpCity, you will only need to pay subscription fee and you will be allowed to boost your SEO campaigns and efforts. Setting up is easy with UpCity, all you have to do is to provide information about your business, industry, website and competitors. Once you have done so, Upcity will provide you keywords which you could track. Through UpCity, you will be able to view monthly searches of keywords, keyword overall score and your website rank. UpCity also offers and comes with the following features:

  • White labeling
  • Link Analysis
  • Sales tools
  • SEO report card
  • Client reporting

Advantages of UpCity over SEMrush:

  • Helps you set up your website correctly
  • Allows you to create customized posts on social media
  • Assists in set up and social media audit

Advantages of SEMrush over UpCity:

  • Comes with competitive intelligence
  • Provides you long tail terms and phrases which you could use in semantic SEO, content marketing and social.

8. Optimizely

Optimizely allows its users to be able to personalize your own website to improve visitors’ experience. It comes with amazing features such as enterprise-grade security, multi-domain support, multi-page testing, campaign management and multi-variate testing.

Advantages of Optimizely over SEMrush:

  • Provides detailed and efficient analyses which provides you insights and help you track user experiences.
  • Allows you to arrange webinars
  • Enables you to to lower bounce rate and attract more traffic

Advantages of SEMrush over Optimzely:

  • Provides customizable reports
  • Allows you to compare SEO metrics
  • Provides domain specific keyword ranking

9. BrightInfo

BrightInfor is an amazing automated content platform. It could analyze your website’s content, provides you information on semantic and helps you gather information on how your visitors interact. It comes with algorithm which provides you information about your visitors’ behaviors. This platform includes templates, exit popups, personalized emails, native ads and widgets.

Advantages of BrightInfo over SEMrush:

  • Provides information about the needs of your visitors
  • Allows companies to use their content for higher sales

Advantages of SEMrush over BrightInfo:

  • Can view your competitors’ organic positions
  • Has about 26 databases
  • Helps in finding good long tailed keywords

10. Luminate

If you want to gain more visitors, Luminate is for you. It is a platform which could help you retain organic traffic and to improve your website ranking. It helps its users to know the trends and top topics on the net which would help you improve your content. This tool includes machine learning and semantic searching tools.

Advantages of Luminate over SEMrush;

  • Allows you to adjust your content based on the latest trends
  • Allows you to discover which content would interest your target market
  • Helps you to make your visitor stay longer on your site

Advantages of SEMrush over Luminate:

  • Allows you to track queries
  • Helps you to understand your industry and competitors
  • Allows you to compare keywords used by your competitors

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