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SEMrush vs Moz

SEO tools are a key element to boost your website and business. There are many options available and many people get started with free versions to test the capability of these tools. The two names that you will regularly find while searching for the best SEO solutions are SEMrush and Moz. These popular tools will bring your SEO and inbound marketing game to the next level. You may start with the free editions, but if you really want to unlock the full potential of these tools, we recommend that you invest in the fully-featured tools. Both SEMrush and Moz are very practical solutions, but they offer different advantages. For instance, SEMrush is ideal for keyword and competition analysis, but Moz also provides remarkable results when it comes to online marketing. They support the success of your business, website and help your customer base to grow.

Deciding if it is worth to invest on SEO tools can be difficult, but the aforementioned options are the in the list of the solutions that you will certainly come across while looking for the best options for online marketing. Both SEMrush and Moz allow you to get an overview on the performance of your website so that you know what you can do to boost it. While SEMrush and Moz are very practical and highly recommended, they are suitable for different purposes. They are good for different reasons and should be considered for specific tasks. If you are trying to decide which tool is the best choice for you, take a look at our comparison. We will take a closer look at what they offer and will help you to choose the best solution for your needs.

Plan Comparison Moz Pro Semrush Pro
Users 2 2
Price $99.95 $99.95
Tracks Sites 5 5
Crawl Pages 250,000 100,000
Tracked Keywords 300 500
Free Trial Try Free for 30 Days    Try Free trial for 14 days


SEMrush is the best choice for digital marketing and it is ideal for those who have previous experience in this area. If you just need to find the data and take insights from it on your own, SEMrush is a great choice. SEMrush tools supports a wide selection of features including backlinks, organic research (trends, rankings), PLA (product listing ads) research, display advertising, domain comparison, phrase match, keyword analytics that include ad history, related keywords, phrase match and more. SEMrush also allows you to manage keyword difficulty, projects, gap analysis, topic research and more. It is a very comprehensive solution that is perfect for professional SEOs, online marketers, consultants, researchers and anyone who is working to boost software performance and eCommerce.

It is possible to get an overview of all the sites you keep track of, which are set up in Projects and how well they perform. SEMrush’s organic research and backlinks tools are the best solution if your are focused on SEO. There is also a Keyword Analytics tools that work in a similar way to Moz’s Keyword Explorer solutions. While using the Organic Research tool, you can enter the URL and find out how the website is performing. You will get an overview of the spikes and falls and will be able to address them as needed. Another advantage of SEMrush is that it lets you filter to keywords that can be actioned. BY scrolling down the page, you will be able to see the keywords that the site is ranking for and will also be able to filter to things such as greater than position 10. this filters to keywords that you need to move to Page 1 to be able to start seeing an increase in traffic.

With SEMrush’s backlink analysis tools. you will be able to see who links to you and using what anchor text. You can also see from what source your competition is getting links from, which will allow you to work in the best possible strategy to get more links to your website to boost its ranking. Backlink Gap is another convenient tool that lets you know what links your competitors have that you may want to pursue. It may help you to find out what strategies they are using so that you can copy them or avoid them so that you can get new links to your sit so that you get better ranking.

Keyword difficulty is another area that is worth mentioning. You will be able to check a set of keywords and determine how competitive they are. It is also possible to enter a domain to find out what they are bidding on and as CPCs and their ranking position. SEMrush is also good for eCommerce and the PLA Research tool is perfect for this purpose. With SEMrush, it is possible to check a competitor’s domain to check the keywords they are bidding on and the ones for which they have PLAs. If you are into eCommerce, SEMrush will amaze you with its convenient functionality.

The Lead generation tool and the SEO Content Template tool are worth mentioning. The latter lets you type in the keyword for which you want to rank and then, SEMrush lets you know what has to be included on the page so that you can rank. This may be useful for affiliates and bloggers. Then we have the Lead Generation tool, which is an embedabble widget that works very well for SEO agencies or consultants who want an easy solution to embed a lead capture form on their website. Currently, SEMrush’s plans start at $99.95 per month for the Pro plan (good for freelancers) and go up to $399.95 for the Business plan, which is perfect for agencies and eCommerce projects. An enterprise plan is also available.


Moz is another highly popular solution in the world of SEO. It started as a service-based consulting business and evolved towards a software business. Their tools are now used by SEOs around the world and thanks to a variety of practical solutions, Moz has become a leader in the industry. Moz is the best choice for small to medium size businesses who are looking for a solution to keep track of the performance of their websites, when it comes to keyword rankings and other technical aspects. You can find out more about what is needed in order to be able to boost your rankings. Moz will also work well for consultants or small agencies who require reporting on a regular basis. However, Moz is not the best choice for those with strong SEO experience who are looking for a high volume of data to get insights that they can take action on.

Moz will allow you to keep track of SEO progress and will also enable you to perform marketing research through Moz Pro. If your operations are not based on a specific location, Moz can help you via Pro campaigns, allowing you to track your site’s metrics, keyword rankings weekly, links and more. OpenSiteExplorer is another convenient function available. It is a backlink research tool that features its own link index. There is also a web browser extension (Chrome/Firefox) that lets you see the metrics of the website that you are visiting. The keyword research tool is also outstanding as it provides an accurate volume from clickstream data.

If you are a business owner or SEO whose operations are based on specific locations and customers, you can benefit from other Moz’s features such as local listing research to establish the right categories. You can also check local listing auditing via My Business listings. You will have permission management for Google My Business profiles as well. Overall, Moz works very well for experienced SEOs and people who own a smaller website and it needs specific recommendations. It works well for location-based businesses and also provide useful features for other requirements.

With Moz Pro, you can enjoy research tool and campaigns and in this area, they provide a bunch of useful solutions. They include weekly rank tracking for your keywords, at a local level and in specific areas. It also supports weekly crawling and metrics reports based on site errors and recommendations to solve them. Page optimization guidance is supported. There is link research for your website and high level traffic from Search graphs that can be shown to your customers. Moz also features a dashboard and a Rankings section that displays information regarding keyword rankings, showing you how they have evolved over time. It is also possible to click on each of them and see their individual progress and how they compare with the competition.

Moz can predict your average clicks for each keyboard that is being tracked. It is based off your position and consider search result features. Page optimization is also supported and using this functionality also lets you establish how well optimized your page is for ranking. It also provides recommendations that will help you to improve, although it doesn’t offer solutions when it comes to links or technical issues. Content suggestions is another convenient feature that let’s you go through the content that is related to the main topic you are managing so that you can rank better.

One of the most remarkable things about Moz is the site crawl function, which allows you to stay on top of your site’s performance. The crawl is updated on a weekly basis and it goes through your website, searching for errors, duplicate content, titles that are too long and other possible issues. With this information, you can come out with solutions that will allow you to improve your site and boost traffic. There is also a section dedicated to links. There, you will see the links that are coming to your website, how this changes over time and what you can do to face the competition. You can compare link metrics with the competitors you are keeping track of within a campaign.

Moz also provides useful tools for those who work with a focus on the local market. If you own a business and want to improve your rankings locally, Moz will impress you with its powerful features focused on this area. In addition, Moz offers other solutions like Keyword explorer, Crawl test, On-Page Grader, Open Site Explorer, Rank Tracker and Open Site Explorer. The latter is also known as OSE and it is one of the main benefits of using Moz. You will be able to see your top linked pages, the latest links, anchor text spread, detailed comparisons with the competition, spam analysis and more. Moz also comes with a Rank Tracker tool that lets you keep track of keywords outside your campaigns. Finally, when it comes to price, it should be noted that Moz’s prices starts from $99 per month and goes up to $599 per month.


SEMrush and Moz are fantastic SEO tools that will allow you to take your SEO game to the next level. They provide the necessary features to fix issues and improve your ranking. We provided a list of features supported, as well as information about how these tools can help you to boost traffic. In order to select the best one for your needs, just consider what each tool offers and our comments about the best way to take advantage of what they have to offer.

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