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6 Online Services Which May Help Improve Your College Grades

Higher education is a valuable asset, and it benefits everyone whose goal is to build a successful career. However, lots of students struggle to balance studying with other responsibilities. These may be a part-time job, relationships, even a hobby. The consequences can be dire: stress, lack of time, and poor college grades. 

Luckily, the Internet offers lots of ways to improve your college grades. Those vary from educational channels on Youtube and community-driven websites to professional essay writing services. Let’s check the most efficient ones out.

Thomas Frank YouTube Channel

It seems like there is no such information that could not be found on YouTube. Naturally, there are plenty of educational channels. One worth mentioning is the channel of Thomas Frank.

Thomas makes videos dedicated to different topics. He focuses on productivity, easy and efficient education, exam prep. Concerning hobbies, there is even a video in which he explains how to combine studies with playing video games.

Still, for those who want to improve their college grades, it is better to start with the basics — for example, memorizing techniques or time-management tips.


One of the most challenging aspects of study in college is writing academic papers and essays. It can be time-consuming and stressful. Moreover, at first, it is tough to understand how to prepare academic assignments correctly and efficiently. 

If so, it is better to seek help from the professionals – you can start with using EssayPro, a reputable essay writing service. They employ professional paper writers who work on various types of assignments. No matter what you need – a report, research paper, even a thesis or dissertation – you’ll get it done. 

It is also possible to get help with editing, proofreading, or even have some high-quality tutoring. Using EssayPro and studying with the help of a professional writer is an efficient learning strategy. 

Khan Academy

It is a renowned non-profit organization, which helps students from every corner of the world. Khan Academy offers learning content for a variety of topics – math, science, computing, arts, and humanities. 

It is an excellent source of additional information for students who want to dive deeper into their academic disciplines. Also, Khan Academy offers courses that help to prepare for different exams, such as the SAT and GMAT. 

Khan Academy is not only an educational website but also a community of aspired students. Everyone can leave a comment, join a discussion, or ask a question. It can be a great source of inspiration and motivation to ace college grades.


Sometimes every student feels like he or she is stuck with some question and can not find a solution. That is where WolframAlpha comes to rescue. It is a computational answer engine that can be used to obtain the right answers. Pretty straightforward, huh?

WolframAlpha uses elaborate algorithms, a considerable knowledge base, and Artifical Intelligence technologies. The engine works with four topics, namely mathematics, science and technology, society and culture, everyday life. This makes it a handy tool for students whose focus is STEM disciplines.

Nevertheless, other learners can use WolframAlpha too. It is a powerful educational instrument that is worth exploring.


Chegg is an educational resource that operates in different directions. To name a few, students can rent, buy, and sell books, study with tutors, or even find an internship on this platform.

Also, it is worth to check out the Chegg Math Solver, which helps with different mathematical tasks. Other students may be interested in step-by-step textbook solutions or plagiarism checker. There are a lot of educational instruments on Chegg and everyone can find something useful to boost college grades.

Moreover, Chegg can be used to prepare for different tests, such as SAT or GMAT. The resource partners with Kaplan, a famous educational company that operates worldwide. 


It is hard to study and get better grades alone. Sometimes it is just necessary to get help from an expert or even a fellow student. Well, Brainly got you covered. 

It is a knowledge-sharing community, members of which help each other in solving educational problems and home tasks, even the most challenging ones. 

There are more than 150 millions of students and experts registered on Brainly. The community is huge and diverse, and everyone will find someone familiar with the particular issue. No matter what the topic is – math, science, or even a specific language.

Final Words

Higher education does not have to be a struggle. Especially now, when the power of the Internet brings people together; it allows sharing knowledge and seeking help from the professionals. 

Even if your college grades are poor, it is essential not to give up and stay positive. Such an attitude, combined with efficient online-services, can propel anyone towards the best marks possible.

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