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How to set up a screensaver on Android

It is possible to set up a screensaver on your Android device while it is charging and in this guide, you will find out how to do it. With only a few steps, you will be able to set up the screensaver on your smartphone or tablet while it is in sleep mode, docked or charging. The process can also be used when you want to change the current screensaver in your device. You will be able to display the photo of your choice, using the Daydream feature and you can add images from the gallery with photo table, photo frame, colors and more. The steps that we will show below, work with the latest versions of Android and with a variety of devices from different manufacturers. Here is how you can set up a screensaver on your Android smartphone or tablet.

    1. Go to Settings

    1. In the Device or Quick Settings section, select Display

    1. Scroll Down to “Daydream”. By default, this option is turned off om your Android device. Tap on it and enable it.

    1. Once you enable Daydream, you will see a selection of options available. Colors allows you to change the color on the display. Photo Frame lets you select photos from your Camera, from WhatsApp, Screenshots or photos that you have downloaded. Photo Table shows a selection of images from your Android device and you can choose images from Camera, PhotoSticker, Instagram, WhatsApp and other sources.

You can select any of the options available in Daydream to set up a screensaver on your Android device while it is changing or docking. When the screensaver or Daydream is set up, it is possible to move or hold the image, or swipe to hide it. If preferred, you can set a screen timeout in the Display section.

It is also possible to set Daydream so that the image selected also appears when your Android device is in Sleep mode. You can go to Settings, then Device and select Display. In some devices you will see the Sleep option under Display.

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