How to Make Sims Inspired in the Sims 4?

In this article, we shall provide you a detailed guide on how to give your Sims inspired emotion in Sims 4. Inspiration is perfect for those who would like their Sims to play musical instruments, write and even partake in other creative activities.

1. Choose the Sim you would want to make inspired.

2. Open the household they are in.

3. Choose their portrait.

4. Make your Sim happy- for your Sim to be inspired, you would need to make them happy. To make them happy, you could do the following:

– Get rid of the negative emotions.

– If your Sim’s emotion is negative such as embarrassed, you will have to manage his/her emotions first.

– If your Sim’s mood is tense or sad or uncomfortable or their motives are low, you will have to make their low motives into happy and high motives. To do this, you will need to give your Sim the Happy moodlet.

– Engage your Sim’s senses by having them eat a good meal or a great drink. You could also have them listen to the radio or put them into a nicely decorated room.

– You could also use cheats. You could do this through the following:

o Press CTRL + SHIFT +C

o Type testingcheats true

o Press enter

o Press shift

o Click your Sim

o Select Make happy

– Feeding your inspired Sim Happy moodlets will give your Sim a boost or inspired emotion.

5. Engage your Sim in an inspiring activity. Once you have regulated the emotion of your Sim into a happy one, you could give them the following Inspired moodlet:

o Use the molding clay

o Look at an art through Browse Art button

o Take a thoughtful shower

o Look for an instrument on the computer

o Play the guitar, piano or violin

o Daydream – this is for Sim children and you must need to have a creativity skill level 5

o Encourage while drawing

o Listen to a make-believe story of a child Sim.

o Play with a huge animal toy – for child Sim only.

o Have a coffee in a café

o Stargaze

o Cloudgaze

o Tell a fairytale during campfire

o Yoga

6. Use career or skill inspiring activities

o For music lovers, Sims could listen to music

o Book lovers could analyze books

o Finish paintings and books

o Search online for skills

o Play the guitar

o Mix drinks

7. Place some objects in the room. These objects could provide auras which could extend for nine tiles. To put an object in a room, all you need to do is select live mode. Click on Enable Emotional Aura button. Here are some inspirational aura objects:

o Postcards

o Masterpiece pumpkins

o Lemon Incense

o Paintings

o Reward lamps

o Career rewards from writer, culinary and painter career tracks

8. Progress your Sim’s emotion- to achieve this, you would need to get at least about eight positive moodlets – example, five happy moodlets and three inspired moodlets. Take note that having a very inspired Sim with increase and improve your Sim’s creative abilities

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