Skill v/s luck: What do you need to win a game of Cube Solitaire?

When it comes to winning a game of Cube Solitaire, many people argue that luck has had a role in it. They are convinced that the game is all about chance and luck. But is it so?

Winning a game of Solitaire cannot purely depend on your luck or chance because the game demands a certain level of skills and expertise. It is a game of skill where players have to abide by the game’s rules. The game involves one deck of fifty-two cards and four suits. The fundamental goal of the game is to make valid sequences from Ace to King and place them in the foundation pile. The sequence must be made of cards belonging to the same suit. For online gaming lovers, the classic Cube Solitaire game has transformed and become fast-paced. Each game lasts for five minutes, and the objective is to be the first player to score the highest. You can download Cube Solitaire game on your mobile devices and play the game whenever and wherever you are. Moreover, you can participate in tournaments and 1V1 battles to win cash prizes and rewards. 

Are you still confused if Cube Solitaire is a game of skill or luck? Here’s some more explanation to ease your mind. 

What are games of luck or chance?

Games of chances of luck are ones where players wager money or some valuable item and play against a randomizing device. Even though there is some randomization involved in the game of Cube Solitaire, players cannot win entirely on chance or luck. Sometimes players get dealt a bad hand, but they can turn the game around as long as they have the skills to play the cards right.

In games of luck, all the variables are out of your control. That’s why they’re called games of chance or luck. You cannot control any aspect of the game. All you can do is pray that whatever number or card you’ve bet on is the winning one.

In Cube Solitaire, you might not know if you’ll start the game in a bad or good position and which cards you’ll get, but you can turn the game in your favor. 

What are games of skills?

Games of skills are those whose outcome is determined mainly by skill and not by chance. Cube Solitaire belongs to this category because you can only win the game after formulating a strategy based on the game’s rules and regulations. In addition, you need to arrange the cards properly so that they make valid sequences.

As mentioned above, the game also has some level of chance involved. For instance, when you flip a card, you don’t know what card will be revealed and if you can use the card. But if the card is not to your liking, you can press the undo button and go back a step to plan your move.

The judgment 

Cube Solitaire is a mixture of both, but largely, it is a game of skill. With proper skills, you can win the game consistently. However, you cannot go far in the game by relying on your luck. It is crucial to know and follow the rules and make smart moves to win big.

Now that it’s established that Cube Solitaire is a game of skill, here are a few strategies to help you increase your winning chances.

  • On your first move, draw a card from the deck. While you know that all the cards belonging to the four suits must be put in the foundation, you can stack the cards in a column if they are of a different color and lesser rank. If you get an extra card at the start of the game, you can augment your chances of finding cards that will help you win the game.
  • It would help if you got the Aces and twos out of your way as early as possible. These two cards will not help you unearth more hidden cards but end up weighing you down. It’ll impact the flow of your game. All you need to do is send them to the foundation pile when you get them. 
  • You can increase your chances of winning Cube Solitaire by not leaving an empty space, especially if there’s no King to put there. A King card must be the first card on an empty space, and if you don’t have a King, the space is useless. So, you must wait to clear a space.
  • The King card must be played with caution. You need to think of your moves ahead and utilize the King to help reveal more cards as you move in the game.
  • Select columns with huge stacks when you’re targeting hidden cards. Your chances of winning Cube Solitaire will improve if you quickly explore the hidden cards in the column.
  • When you’re filling space, take into consideration the color of the cards. Whether you choose a black or red King to fill a space, it is an important decision. Whatever color you choose will dictate the color of the pile as you go ahead in the game. Before filling the space, consider the Queen or Jack that you are holding. The right decision will ensure your game carries on smoothly.
  • Cube Solitaire players enjoy shuffling cards from one pile to the next when they’re searching for suitable cards. But in doing so, they’re unconsciously blocking valuable cards below the lower cards. It means you are denying yourself the chance to win the game. The right way to play Cube Solitaire is to move cards when there are visible and clear benefits. You must never move cards only because you want. It will not take you closer to victory.

Alternative places to play solitaire

Now that you know solitaire is both a game of skill and luck, you’ll be ready to find the ideal solitaire game for you. While Solitaire Cube is a great option, there are a number of alternatives with unique features that are worth checking out. Here are two:

  1. Solitaire Bliss has both a web-based game and a mobile app. You can play over 30 different solitaire games including popular ones like Klondike, FreeCell, and Spider.
  2. GreenFelt has both solitaire games and arcade games. Their solitaire games come with a game of the day where you can see where you stand on their leaderboard.

So, are you ready to play this game of skill and win big? All you need to do is download the game and hone your skills by playing free practice games.

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