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Skype has been one of the oldest tool in communicating not only through chats but also through calls both paid and free subscriptions. However, like other tools, programs, software and devices there are hiccups that you may come across with that could be frustrating. With this, looking for similar tool with similar functions would be a practical solution.

Here is a list of possible skype alternatives you could use to be able to make free international calls and chat online.

1. WhatsApp

WhatApp started as messaging/chat application which allowed texts, pictures, videos, GIF and the like to be shared through online messaging. As time progressed, so did WhatApp. It has innovated, improved and updated its functions by adding video messaging, group messaging and voice calls. It also has introduced a desktop application where you could chat with anyone while working on your laptop or desktop.

Just like Skype, to be able to use this app, you will be required to have internet. WhatApp also requires its users to have a functioning mobile number. It is compatible and could be used in any Android, iOS, PC, Mac or Windows OSes.

WhatsApp is highly recommended specially to those who needs to call internationally for free.

2. Facebook Messenger

To be able to use Facebook Messenger, all you need to do is to sign up in Facebook. Moreover, it also allows its users to sync your contacts through your mobile number. This messenger comes with emoticons, stickers, voice and video calls. It also allows group messaging and send GIFs.

The only challenges in using Facebook Messenger are, you would need to install the messenger separately to be able to use its voice and video call features, it does not have a dedicated desktop application and allows limited size for video files.

3. Viber

Very similar to WhatsApp in terms of functions and features, Viber is another option one could use as an alternative. It has the same features of WhatsApp such as audio, video, group chats, messaging, emoticons, stickers and the like. The only difference is that Viber has a standalone dedicated desktop app where you will not have to tether your smart phone to sync your previous chats and data. Moreover, Viber is compatible with all types of OS.

To be able to use this app, you will also be required to have a working mobile number.

4. Google Hangouts

Another alternative for Skype is Google Hangouts. It is free to use and all you have to do is sign up for a Gmail account and you are ready to chat, voice and video call. It allows you to chat with a group up to 150 members and video call up to 10 members. This alternative option does not require any third party app to work.

5. OOvOO

The OOvOO is one of Skype’s direct competitions. It works on multiple operating systems. It is compatible with PC, Android, iOS, Mac and Windows phone. It also allows video calls both individual and group. For group video calls, this app allows up to 12 members. It is also allowed for its members or users to watch YouTube videos together with your friends while chatting with them. Lastly, like Viber, it has a dedicated desktop application.

6. Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime is best used for multi-purpose video calling and it is compatible to use with different operating systems. It can also sync all information of all your devices in real time and allows you to switch devices anytime you wish. As a security feature, Amazon Chime ensures your messages and videos are encrypted. It also allows up to 16 people on desktops and 8 users through mobile phones. The only downside of this app is that it is sold at a price for business purposes.

7. FaceTime

For Mac users, Facetime is another alternative. It could be used through internet and not only it could be used for video calls, you could simultaneously text or message while you are in a call. It is also available in 20 languages and you could receive messages instantly.

8. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is another alternative which you could use for video conferencing. It can accommodate up to 25 members in one conference all and it is compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows and Android devices. It could also share screen for presentations. This program is highly recommended for company or business use.

9. Talky

Exclusively for iOS, Talky offers high level quality features such as its chat rooms highly password protected and it could also accommodate up to 15 users for its video chat. This program is web client only which could be a little bit inconvenient.

10. IMO

IMO has an easy to use interface and offers high quality audio and video calls. It also ensures its users that their messages are secured and allows unlimited sending of files and pictures. The only challenge of this program is that it does not have any desktop application.

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