Small Desk for Home: IKEA Linnmon/ Lerberg

As cities become congested, space also becomes a challenge with houses being built smaller Hence, just like anyone who has smaller space, setting up a home office becomes difficult as well. This is why it is better for one to have a minimalist type of office. This means you would not need to have a spare room for you to be able to have a home office. In fact, you could use part of your open living room and have a corner as your office. This would constitute for you to have a smaller desk and for you to have a small free space and spot.

Modern Simplicity for Small Spaces

With all of the mentioned information above, you would now have to consider finding a smaller desk. Unfortunately, finding one that comes with appeal could be a challenge and could make you feel a bit discouraged. Do not worry as there is one desk that you would surely love.

The IKEA Linnmon/Lerberg desk combination provides not only minimalistic design, it is lightweight and affordable as well.

Here are some characteristics of the IKEA Linnmon/Lerberg which made us love this desk.

Modern Style

Though you have limited space, this does not mean that you could just get a smaller type of furniture that does suit the appealing look of your place. With the Limmon/ Lerberg desk, you would not have to worry about this as it provides you a modern look style with its simple layout, clean lines which make your place look good.

Compact Size

Having a small space is a challenge. Do not worry as this desk could fit even with relatively tight and awkward space.

White Tabletop

This desk would comes in a neutral color of white which means it would be easier for you to match it with your other existing furniture at home. It would definitely would not become a sore thumb.


Yes, as mentioned earlier, this desk would look good anywhere you would like to place it at. It is attractive and comes with curvy design of Lerberg trestle legs.

Flexible design

This desk is easy and quick to assemble. It comes with a flexible design. In fact, you could replace its legs if you wish.

Great Value

This desk is very affordable. It comes with a price range that starts at $8.99 for its 100×60 cm up to $47.99 for its 200 x60 cm

Things That You Must Keep In Mind

Though there are a lot of advantages that you could get with this desk, just like other products, it also comes with some disadvantages and they are the following:

Relatively unstable

Since the desk rests on trestle legs which are not attached to it, this desk could be a little unstable.

Limited legroom

The trestle legs could take a little bit of room.


  • Tabletop length: 100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm or 200 cm options
  • Table width: 60 cm or 75 cm option
  • Desk height: 74 cm
  • Max load: 50 kg
  • Lerberg trestle legs materials: Steel with epoxy/polyester powder coating – grey, white, red and blue
  • Linnmon tabletop materials: Wood, particleboard or fibreboard and recycled paper filling


Having small space could be challenging especially when you would need to add some useful furniture. We hope that through this article, you were able to get useful information about the IKEA Linnmon/Lerberg desk which is perfect for any home.

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