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Smart Light Turns On by Itself: 5 Causes and Solutions

Smart lights turning on by itself could be very frustrating especially when it happens at ungodly hour. This could cause inconvenience and not to mention is a waste of energy. There are numerous reasons as to why this could be happening. It could be due to power outage, outdated firmware, loss of WiFi connection and mistakenly activated routines. There are also different possible solutions to these issue. You could adjust the app settings, updating smart light’s firmware and updating your WiFi password. 

In this article, we shall provide you useful information which you could use as a guide in fixing these problems. 

Smart Light Turns On by Itself: Causes and Solutions

Power Outage

If you experience some power outage, it is normal for your smart lights to turn on by themselves. The reason behind this is because smart lights are designed as that way. It is actually a safety feature which smart lights offer. It is to ensure that you will be able to see in the dark. However, when a power outage happens in the middle of the night while you are sleeping, this could be very annoying as definitely it would wake you up. 

How to Fix

To fix this issue, adjust the program of your smart light not to turn on during power outage. You could adjust the settings in your app which controls your smart lights. 

Go to settings section and select power on behavior tab. Select the preferred suitable action for your smart light during power failure. 

Your Smart Globes Do Not Have Updated Firmware

Another cause for your smart light to turn on by itself is that your firmware is not updated. If your firmware is not updated, your smart lights could turn on randomly. Do not fret as there are ways to fix this issue easily. 

Since outdated firmware comes with old microcode, this could cause your smart light to behave strangely. Moreover, it also could have bugs which could affect your lights. 

How to Fix

As mentioned earlier, it is easy to fix this issue. All you have to do is update your smart light’s firmware. This would only take you less than ten minutes. 

We highly recommend for you to regularly check your firmware updates on your app. When you regularly update your firmware, you would save time and annoyance. 

For you to be able to update your firmware, you will have to turn your smart globe off and then open your app and go to settings. Then, select update firmware

Smart Light Is Intermittently Losing Its WiFi Connection

When your smart light lose connection to WiFi, your smart lights would then go into safe mode and when they are in the safe mode, your smart lights will automatically switch on. Also, keep in mind that when you have just recently upgraded your WiFi router, then, your smart light could experience problems in trying to connect to new signal. Your smart lights could be out of range or it could be too far from router. 

How to Fix

Move your router to your smart light closer. Then, try to wait for a day and check if your smart light would still turn on. If it does not turn on by itself, then, you have solved your problem. Another way is to replace your smart light which are compatible with your WiFi router. If you have just recently updated your WiFi passwords, go to your smart light’s app, go to settings and update with your new password. 

You Have Accidentally Enabled Certain Routines

There could also be a situation when you have accidentally enabled your smart lights to turn on. Hence, if you have set up a routine in your app, it would likely to turn your smart lights on at a specific time. 

How to Fix

Open your app, then, go to routines section turn it off. 

Your Smart Assistant Accidentally Turns On Your Smart Light

If you have smart assistant in your home like Alexa, Google Home or Siri, there could be instances when they would mistakenly hear the keyword that would wake them up and would accidentally set your lights to turn on. 

How to Fix

One way to solve this is to mute your microphone. This way your smart assistant would not accidentally turn on your smart lights. This solution, however, is not a permanent fix. Moreover, also ensure that you have not accidentally turned on the routine setting. 

Smart Light Is Faulty

This rarely happens but it is not impossible. There could be times when your smart lights are faulty which means they need to be replaced. 

How to Fix

Before you decide that your smart lights are faulty, try to disconnect it from your WiFi, power it on again and reconnect it to your WiFi router. If the firmware gets updated and there are no unexpected routines, then your lights could be faulty. Check if your lights are under warranty if it is, you could request for a replacement. 


We understand how annoying it could be when your smart lights would turn on by themselves especially at times when you are already resting. It could also be a waste of money especially if you have decided to replace them all. Hence, we suggest that you try the methods provided in this article and let us know how it went and do not forget to leave us a comment.

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