This smart wedding ring allows you to feel your partner’s heartbeat from anywhere in the world

Couples living in different parts of the world can find it difficult to stay connected. Sure, voice, video and text chat are good, but there is no replacement for more palpable signs of affection, like a warm hug. Transmission of this kind of physicality over the internet is a tall order, but one company is trying to do so by use of the HB Ring; a smart wedding ring that transmits your partner’s heartbeat in real time.

Touch, the company behind this ring, has been developing the HB Ring for two and a half years. It is currently the most sophisticated ring in the world, packing over 100 components, mainly a circular KED array, battery, a multidimensional motherboard, and a charging connector. Its rounded frame has been crafted from a band of stainless steel with the most wear-resistant coating in the market. HB Ring’s unibody is a molded block of sapphire crystal, the largest exposed scratch and water resistant sapphire surface on any ring in the market.

The HB Ring features ‘heart sharing’ – a little tap on your ring sends your heartbeat to a loved one. The heartbeats are managed through a companion smartphone app, which needs to be downloaded so that the rings can pair. Once paired you add your loved one’s profile and after that, you can send biological beats to your heart’s content.

The app can also perform basic management e.g. view the ring’s battery level; toggle its connectivity among others. It is available for iOS in beta, with an Android version expected later this year.

Touch is selling the rings in pairs: two sapphire crystal and stainless steel for $600, and the 18K rose gold variant of the ring starts at $3000. Pre-orders for the rings have already begun with Touch expecting to start shipping the 18K gold model in November while the standard version in December.

featured image credit:thenextweb

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