SnapBooth Review

Nothing better than a photo to capture a special moment. If you are at a party, a family gathering or any important event, you will probably want to take some snaps to keep the memories intact and to share with your family and friends. Mobile devices allows us to take photos whenever we want, but if you want to add fun to your selfies and group photos, you need to get Snapbooth PhotoBooth, a fantastic app for iPad and iPhone that makes things simple when it comes to capturing unique moments. This app created by Sean Villani is a convenient way to take photos and it allows you to have a photo booth available wherever you go.

If you don’t want to miss the chance to capture the best selfies in any special occasion and want to share your snaps without hassle, SnapBooth is a a must-have. It offers a simple interface and practical features that allows you to capture great photos that can be easily shared on social media, via email, text, or even printed. The app is available for free and it gives you a photo booth style solution that is perfect for parties and events. You can choose how to share your photos and add any hashtag or text that you want to include. The app supports multiple social media platforms and lets you share your images in real time.


How to use SnapBooth

Ease of use is one of the highlights of SnapBooth. Once you have the app on your iOS device, all you need to do to start using it is to touch the screen, wait for the countdown and then you can share your photos on Social Media or via text/SMS messages. SnapBooth works with popular options like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and it also allows you to print and email the images. SnapBooth is great for individual photos, as well as group photos. With the MultiSnap option, you can take up to three images and export them as an animated GIF to share them on the social media platforms supported, or print them with a customized background.

The countdown timer is a simple and practical feature that gives you time to get prepared to take the perfect photo, but if you are not happy with the resulting image, you can delete the image and try again. You can set the app to post your images in real-time to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Alternatively you can email or print them. The photos can also be saved to your device so that you can use them at a later stage. As previously mentioned, you can add tags, text descriptions and hashtags to suit the platform on which you want to post the images. You can also add URL links, which is handy in case you are sharing images from an event.

Why should you get SnapBooth

SnapBooth is ideal for parties, events, weddings or conferences and it can also be a great tool for promoting businesses. You can use the app to keep customers and fans up to date with everything that is happening with an event you are organizing, or a business that you run. SnapBooth is designed to support the leading social media platforms and you can easily add captions to your images, which makes it a convenient option in many scenarios. If you want to capture special moments and share them with the world, SnapBooth is the app that you need.


SnapBooth lets you capture unique moments and share your selfies in just a few simple steps. All you need to do is to tap the screen, wait for the countdown and get ready for the photo. Your images can be shared on social media using the text you want and you can also send them by email or print them. The app is designed to offer top performance on iPad and iPhone. SnapBooth also offers professional stands that can make your experience with the app even better. SnapBooth helps you to add fun to your events and to share your favorite snaps with the world.


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