Snapseed Android Photo Editor Review

A good photo editor is essential for anyone who is into photography as it offers the chance to retouch your photos and make your memories even better. Android devices have become the main solution for capturing photos for many people and here we will focus on a great photo editor that will allow you to enhance the photos taken with your Android tablet or smartphone. Snapseed is a free photo editor that helps you to make your photos look more professional. Let’s take a closer look at what this photo editor offers.

What is Snapseed?

Created by Google, Snapseed is a fantastic editing solution that allows you to edit your images without hassle. It is simple, but it can offer a great photo editing experience. With Snapseed, you can enjoy greater control over the effects and filters available to turn your photos into professional looking images. It can improve the quality of the photos and can also add fun to them with just one tap. It is possible to share the results on your social media profiles. The photo editing app supports Google + and it lets you share your photos easily with friends and family.


While Snapseed is a basic photo editor, it supports a variety of features that will allow you to adjust the appearance of your photos. The auto correct function lets you analyze the photos automatically so that you can adjust the color and exposure with optimal results. The elective adjust function lets you use Nik software’s innovative U Point technology. This lets you enhance the photos and select specific areas with fantastic precision.

Tune image is another feature that you probably will use a lot since it lets you create depth and vibrancy using ambience, adapting to the colors and texture of any photo,. in a unique way. You can also adjust brightness, whiteness, saturation, contrast and more. With Snapseed, you can also straighten and rotate any photo. All it takes is a simple gesture control to rotate any photo 90 degrees or to straighten it.

Of course, you can also crop your photos to remove any part of the photo that you don’t want to include or that you prefer to get out of the picture. There is free crop and standard aspect ratios. Snapseed also lets your creativity flow with enhancements like Black & WHite, which allows you to create the best classic black and white look for your photos with the help of darkroom-inspired filter.

One interesting option allows you to transform your photos into vintage color film photos from the 50s, 60s or 70s. Just choose your favorite decade and make your photos special with a touch of nostalgia. There is a drama effect that can make your photos more artistic and stylish. You can use a custom effect that is specifically tailored to the photo. You can also opt for the Grunge effect, which makes the images seem more unique, dark and interesting.

The tilt-shift option allows you to create a designed narrow in-focus area to resemble depth of field of any photo. You can even create a miniature scene look. It is also possible to correct some details on your photos with sharpening or the exclusive structure control from Nik Software professional products. Use Center focus to adjust brightness and blurring of the background of a photo to draw attention to a specific area. Snapseed also lets you improve your images with frames that enhance their beauty at a perfect finishing touch. You can also use light leaks, scratches, film styles and more to add a retro look to your images.

Other options available include White balance, which lets you adjust the colors in a photo to make it more natural. Brush lets you retouch exposure on an image selectively. There is also saturation, brightness or warmth. The Selective renown Control Point technology lets you place up to 8 points on the image and assign enhancements. The algorithm takes care of the rest. With healing, you can remove someone (who you don’t want to appear on the image) from a group photo. Vignette is an option that ads dark corners to the photo. You can also add a soft glow and much more.


Snapseed Photo Editor is available on the Google Play Store and there is also a version for iOS in the App Store. The app supports multiple languages including Spanish, Portuguese, English, German, Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), French and Arabic. The ease of use that this photo editor offer make it a great option for anyone who wants to get amazing photos all the time. It can be downloaded for free.

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