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Social Or PPC: What Is Better?

When comparing social media and PPC it is important not to look past the benefits of each as they can both tailor to small and large businesses. Though there are positives and negatives of both, each can help to grow your business and improve relationships between customer services. In this article, we will be looking into social or PPC and look at which is best for your business.

The Benefits Of PPC 

When looking at ways to grow your business it is important to look at all the avenues available to your business. One of these avenues is PPC. This allows you to tailor ads and track through data to segment and reach your audience. This can be controlled much more closely and are slightly less obvious to the user. These can be featured on browsers as well as the adds at the top of Google search results. This can be put together by an SEO Essex agency or with a PPC specialist in house to make it successful over time. 

The Benefits Of Social Media 

In addition to PPC, there is also the option of social media. With paid social on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, this is a customisable way of making social media work well for your business. This is a new and exciting way of boosting engagement whilst targeting customers and potential clients from their search habits. This can be tailored using hashtags and customised content to stand out on social media. This is where several different mediums can be used to attract audiences. Whether this is a series of images on Instagram or several GIFS and hashtags, this can help to boost brand identity whilst improving following on social media. 

Understand Which Is Best For the Brand 

Before opting for either PPC or Social media it is important to look at which is more likely to benefit your business. For example, a small business with a young target audience will benefit more from social media than they would PPC as you can create creative content that can benefit them. However, PPC would benefit e-commerce and much larger businesses as they will be able to appear the at the top of Google search results at an affordable clickthrough rate. Though this will depend on the keywords that are being targeted, PPC is much better for larger audiences.  

The Potential For Smaller Businesses 

Paid social media is also tailored for smaller businesses as the price per lead is much lower than PPC. This is beneficial for those that have a smaller business as leads can be generated at a minimal cost. This is key for small businesses as it helps with lead generation. However, by generating leads with social media it is important to note that the quality of the lead may not be the quality that you want. This is important to remember as this can affect the number of leads that come through. 

Whether you are a small business or a large business, there are several ways that both social media and PPC can help to grow a business over time. However, you must choose your chosen marketing technique well. 

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