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How to solve iPhone 6 slow WiFi connection problem

Many iPhone users have experienced slow connection issues when they use WiFi on their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. The issue can be very confusing for iPhone 6 users since the same WiFi connection would work when using an iPhone 5 or a different iOS version. If the speed issues don’t seem to be related to the WiFi connection itself, there are a few things that you can try.

Option 1

Reset network settings using Settings, then General, followed by Reset and reset network Settings.

You can log in to your internet service provider’s website and under the modem settings, change the channel bandwidth from auto to 20. This is a solution that Apple itself suggests in its WiFi troubleshooting section.

Option 2

Reset Network settings using Settings, then General and Reset. This method has proven to be effective for those who use public WiFi or their work’s WiFi connection.

Option 3

Some people have reported that the issue was resolved when they did the below:

  1. Under Wireless Security, go to router settings
  2. Change the settings from WEP to WPA2 security

Option 4

The problem may be caused when the old backup in your new iPhone 6 was started. In order to fix the issue, you can reinstall the new iOS and set the iPhone as new iPhone instead of using the previous iPhone backup. The next step is to sync with iCloud using the Apple ID to recover all your contacts and other details.

Option 5

Some users have reported that another cause of the problem can be iOS issues when switching your network. For instance, if you only use cellular data, there won’t be issue and if you stick to WiFi connection only, it should also be working fine. Just make sure that you use one network each time. You can switch off cellular data by going to Settings and selecting Cellular.

Option 6

Another option is to use Google Public DNS. You can go to your iPhone WiFi settings using Settings and then WiFi. Just delete your current DNS entries and then add Google public DNS servers:,

Option 7

You can set the router from “Get Automatically from ISP” to “Use These DNS Servers” and hardcode the DNS from your service provider.

Option 8

Disable WiFi Networking using Settings and then go to Privacy, followed by Location Services and then System services. Reboot your iPhone and then enable WiFi networking. Your WiFi should work as normal now.

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