Sony SmartEyeglass goes on sale for $840

Sony announced today that the developer edition of its SmartEyeglass is now up for sale for $840. The Google Glass rival does not look as elegant as the Google Glass but it is cheaper than it.

The SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1 smart glass is the first smart glass from Sony. The Sony smart glass works exactly like Google Glass. The only drawback that Sony smart glass has is its bulky and unattractive design. Google Glass was a total hit because it was simple and elegant but on the other hand, Sony’s smart glass is heavy and it covers more space on the face than Google Glass. Simply put, Sony Smarteyeglass looks more like a pair of 3D glasses you get in cinemas or with TV.

Sony did work out on its smart glass concept and this developer edition that is up for sale is a slimmed down version of what Sony actually showcased last year. Sony’s SED-E1 displays the information like notifications, calls etc. only in green color. The battery is expected to last for about three hours.

Sony’s smart glass features a remote control for controlling the functions. Unlike Google Glass, in which everything was on the glass, Sony uses remote for using the smart glass. There is also a camera button on the remote that opens the camera built into the glasses.

Google recently stopped its Google Glass project which once cost $1,500 and were only available in limited quantity. Sony SmartEyeglass, on the other hand, is cheaper than Google Glass but compromises on its look.

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