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Speedify Review – Speed up your Internet

Speedify is a cloud service created by Connectify Inc, a company based in the United States. Speedify promises to boost the speed of your internet connection and it also claims to make it more reliable. The service uses channel bonding technology and all available connections (WiFi, wired, 3G and 4G) to make your online activities run faster. Apart from bringing together WiFi and data in order to make your connection faster and more stable, Speedify has also implemented a VPN solution to enhance the security of your information. When you use Speedify, the server gives you a virtual IP address that sets up a boosted proxy that allows you to browse the internet faster. With the addition of encryption, Speedify has turned into a VPN service that offers increased speed. Let’s find out more about what Speedify offers.

Privacy and Security

Speedify states that it doesn’t store data about users’ online activities. However, it does log collect some temporary user data for maintenance and trouble shooting purposes. Their privacy policy states that the company doesn’t monitor or place restrictions on paid customers’ internet activities. However, those who use the free plan, may face throttling or rate limits. In addition, P2P and Tor may be blocked on some servers.

While there are no logs kept of what you do online, details like the time of your connection to Speedify, the IP addresses and the amount of data transferred, may be kept for up to 7 days to improve the service, prevent misuse and troubleshoot. As long as you use the service within the terms there should be no issues, but Speedify’s policy may worry users who want the strongest level of privacy. The fact that they keep connection logs may raise concern. In addition, the company is based in the United States, which means that it is under the jurisdiction of the NSA.

In terms of security, Speedify does things differently than most VPN providers. Speedify users can only enable or disable encryption in the client software. This allows users to select if they want increased security to protect their data, or if their priority is the speed obtained when combining internet connections. Speedify’s security is based on DTSL: TSL (SSL) over UDP, which gives users the security they can get with HTTPS connections and it also allows Speedify to take care of error connections. Thanks to this, Speedify can offer better performance than some provider that use different algorithms to handle errors. Furthermore, the channel bonding technology supports faster and more relaibel connections.

Speedify has a ChaCha20 stream cipher that uses the Poly1305 Message Authentication Code (MAC) for AEAD encryption algorithm. This encryption system uses DTLS (TLS over UDP) with TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256. The implementation is done with Google’s BoringSSL library, a fork of OpenSSL. While most VPN provider use AES, ChaCha20 is an encryption algorithm that is gaining popularity and even the likes of Google are opting for it as an alternative to encrypt TSL in case AES is compromised in the future. ChaCha20-Poly1305 offers the same security as AES and it has the advantage of being easier to implement. In addition, it is not associated with US government organizations and it hasn’t been compromised. The fact that Speedify has chosen it to protect your internet traffic means that you can enjoy peace of mind.


speedify ServersSpeedify offers custom software that is easy to use and that allows you to enjoy all the functionality that the service provides. There are dedicated clients for Mac and Windows, and they also offer mobile apps for Android and iOS. The desktop software and the mobile apps are designed to keep things simple and to allow you to get the most out of Speedify, no matter what platform you use. The installation process is simple and you just need to go to the website, select the Download option and choose the version that suits your device. Once the installation is done, you will see the main connection window, where you can connect to the fastest server available for you. It is also possible to connect to a server that allows P2P and you can set the client for auto-startup. You can also select from a list of locations.

Speedify offers a very similar interface in all the platforms supported. When you open the app for the first time, you would need to grant some permissions. The main permission that you need to allow is the one to set up the VPN connection, which is required to make sure that the service works as it should. If you don’t gave a paid account, you can upgrade and if you already have one, you just need to sign in with your details. Once you are in the main connection screen, you can see two options: WiFi channel and cellular (mobile data) channel. If you don’t want to go over your data plan’s limits, you can disable the cellular set up. There are also settings that allow you to control how the cellular option is used.

You can choose Normal, to ensure that the mobile data is used to increase the speed only if needed and when the WiFi connection is not working. The Backup setting only allows the cellular connection to be used when there is no WiFi connection available. You can also establish monthly and daily limits. The Reset Data usage options allows you to track your monthly limits to make sure that you don’t go over them. The WiFi channel allows you to choose if you always want to use it (Priority). If you have limited bandwidth, you can disable the “always on” option. It is also possible to set monthly and daily limits in this section.

There are some settings that allow you to manage the way in which the VPN works. You can adjust encryption and bonding mode. The encrypted mode is enabled by default and it secures your entire internet traffic. If preferred, you can use the unencrypted option to enjoy faster speeds for streaming. The speed settings allows you to use all the network channels available to boost your VPN speed to the maximum. The Redundant option transfers all data down each channel available individually. It makes sure that the data is sent, even if the connection drops. Speedify also allows you to access a great deal of information about your VPN. The data can be accessed at the bottom of the main connection screen. You can see the kind of account you have, the speed, the data sent and more.

In terms of speed, you can expect a loss when using the encrypted mode. However, thanks to Speedify’s channel bonding technology, the loss is minimal. You can enjoy fast performance and security at the same time. The network of servers features over 30 locations distributed across more than 20 countries including United States, Brazil, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Israel, Hong Kong, Japan, Sweden and Canada. P2P is allowed in servers in the Netherlands. While Speedify supports less locations than other providers, it offers a good variety of options that will suit users around the world.


There is a free plan that has a monthly limit of 1 GB. To increase the limit and enjoy continuous security, you can upgrade to a paid plan starting for $8.99 USD per month. The yearly plan for Individual users costs $49.99, which means that the monthly cost is reduced when you pay for one year in advance. For an additional cost, you can get a dedicated server. There are also plans available for teams. Speedify offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can pay using cards, PayPal or Amazon. Unfortunately, Bitcoin is not accepted.


The website offers guides and answers to the most common questions regarding the service. There is also a blog available. If you need to reach out to the team, you can create a ticket with all the information required. The email-based ticket support system is efficient and while it is usually only available during businesses hours, you can expect prompt and professional replies.


Speedify is ideal for users who want to enjoy a fast internet connection, without leaving security aside. It protects your data from prying eyes and it is a convenient solution to add security to your connection, even when you are using public WiFi. It also works well when you need to bypass censorship or geographical restrictions. While the service offers a high level of security and advanced technology to give you great performance, its privacy policy and the fact that the company is based in the United States, can cause concern for some users.

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