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Speedometers are powerful devices that show the current speed of a vehicle or person. You can find them in several retail outlets and online marketplaces. The prices range between $5 to $500 USD, but the truth is that you don’t really need to buy a speedometer to get the functionality that it supports. Apps cover an incredible range of purposes and they have made our lives easier. Now you can have almost any tool you need in your mobile device, including speedometers. In this article, you will find a list of apps that give you the chance to turn your smartphone into a fully-functional speedometer. Nowadays, Android phones feature GPS support and it is possible to activate high-speed data connection on your mobile. The apps included in the list rely on these features and they offer amazing accuracy.

Furthermore, they are available for free. They use GPS system on your device to establish the speed of the user of your vehicle so ensure that the GPS feature is enabled on your phone before you run them. Speedometer apps are handy during personal training or use them as an alternative to the mechanical speedometer that you have in your vehicle. The apps that you will find here have made it to the list thanks to their practical features. If you know how to get the most out of them, it is possible to improve your driving skills or improve your performance in sports. Here are the best speed tracing apps available in the Google Play Store.

Ulysse Speedometer app

Ulysse is an app that has earned a high score in the Google Play and it offers a lot of handy features. The app works in the background and it shows the speed details on the notification bar. It is possible to remove Ulysse’s entry from the notification panel without hassle. The app supports overlay windows and in order to see the speed metrics on the home screen, you need to grant the app permission to draw over other apps. The app lets you change the transparency and size of the overlay interface. There are two important features such as track recording and trip meters. It allows you to take screenshots of the speedometer interface. The app also supports customization and you have the chance to change a wide variety of settings including Speed, distance, heading units.

  • In addition, you can adjust the location format. You can switch to 12 or 24-hour time format.
  • You can also hide or show maximum/minimum speed, set speed limits and play sounds.
  • You have the option to save the top speed in the trip meters.
  • It is also possible to configure the free Ulysse app to display weather information. You can adjust the brightness, contrast of the User Interface.
  • Ulysse also supports night mode feature and it provides HUD mode. There is a special setting that stops the app from running in the background.
  • The speedometer app for Android has a great interface and users can track themselves on Google maps. This is a practical app with a great deal of features.

Speedometer GPS

This speedometer app offers powerful performance, but it is worth noting the permissions that you need to grant for it to work properly. The permissions that you need to grant include: Access device location, access photos and media files. The app’s interface looks like a real speedometer. It stands out thanks to its precision and it works in a very similar way as a standard device. Speedometer GPS has a speed chart interface that has a button to reset the data that appears on the screen. The app’s interface is clean and it displays the below information on the main screen:

  • Current altitude
  • Heading altitude
  • Start time
  • Maximum speed
  • Distance traveled
  • The speedometer GPS app supports multiple languages including Portuguese, Hindi, Italian and Mandarin.
  • There is an option to pause of resume the speed tracking function and you can backup or restore the settings.

DigiHUD Speedometer

The DigiHUD speedometer works in background mode and the app lets you change the color of the text that appears on the screen. The app features a statistics interface where you can check the distance that you have traveled so far. This means that it works as an odometer. When you are using DigiHUD speedometer, the the brightness of the screen is automatically increased to 70% or 80%. In order to reduce the brightness, you need to tap on the display and choose the brightness option. The app boasts an option to set speed warning, which is very handy to avoid getting caught by the traffic police for over speeding, you can enable this feature. The application allows you to change the default speed unit to KPH or MPH format. The app is light, easy to use and it has a great interface. DigiHUD is a practical choice for low-end Android devices.

SpeedView Speedometer

Speedview is similar to the Ulysse app and it offers great accuracy. It comes with a compass module that shows the current direction the user is going to. The app lets you use your phone as a HUD and it delivers a special chart that shows the latest traveling speed of the vehicle or user. Similar to other apps, Speedview allows users to set a speed threshold. Once the current speed gets to the limit that has been set, the app will let you know about it. Speedview app supports multiple units and it lets users export the recorded tracks to a file. It is possible to save this file to the MicroSD card and the app works in background mode. SpeedView may be a small app in size, but it is very powerful.

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