Star Citizen Announces All-Star Cast For Story Mode

Star Citizen is one of those games I have yet to get my head around. Not the game itself, but everything that surrounds it. Three years ago the developers began crowdfunding. It has made buckets of money. Many buckets of money. That’s fine. That’s standard operating procedure these days. Since 2013 they have held CitizenCon, which is basically an event to thank backers and update the public on the progress of the game. All for a game that doesn’t exist yet. It better be good.

2015’s CitizenCon took place over this past weekend and the major announcement for that of the voice and motion capture cast for the single player story mode, titled Squadron 42. I’ll say this much, they’re putting that money to some impressive use. The cast for Squadron 42 would look good on any theater marquee and it includes:

Gary Oldman – The Fifth Element

Mark Strong – Kingsman: The Secret Service, Sherlock Holmes

Mark Hamill – Star Wars

Gillian Anderson – The X-Files

Rhona Mitra – Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Andy Serkis – The Lord of the Rings

John Rhys-Davies – Raiders of the Lost Ark

And those are just a few of the names. A trailer was also released that shows Oldman’s character, Admiral Ernest Bishop, trying to rally his nation to go to war. It’s not exactly the uncanny valley, but it’s valley adjacent, possibly the uncanny foothills.

Star Citizen is a “spiritual successor” to PC space combat games like Wing Commander and Freelancer and is developed by Chris Robers Imperium games. Star Citizen will be released in 2016.

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