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How to Stop Calls on iPhone Without Blocking

There are times when you would just like to stop receiving calls from some people. However, of course, you would not want to fully block them. For example, though you would not want to get any calls from them but you are okay to receive texts. 

There are ways for you to be able to have peace and quiet and one way is by turning on your Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone. If you do this, however, all notifications would be ceased as well not only the person you would wish not to receive calls from. Another option is putting your phone on Airplane Mode. Unfortunately, just like the DND mode, each and every contact that you have will also not be able to reach you. You could also set your phone to silent mode or lastly, you could enable call forwarding which would allow you to redirect calls to another number. 

How Do You Stop Receiving Calls Without Blocking?

Use A Silent Ringtone

One way for you not to be disturbed by calls without having to block the caller is by setting silent ringtone on your phone. By doing this, you could still receive calls but your phone will not ring loudly to disturb you. 

  • Go to settings of your iPhone
  • Select sound and haptics
  • Select ringtone
  • Select Tone store
  • Search for silent ringtone
  • Download one from the list and set it as ringtone

Turn on Do Not Disturb Mode

DND would silence all of your call alerts and notifications. Though your phone would still receive calls, you will not receive any alerts. 

  • Go to Control Center of your iPhone
  • Tap on the crescent moon icon
  • Go to settings
  • Select Do Not Disturb
  • Under the phone selection
  • Tap on Allow Calls From 
  • Set it to No one 

Set up Call Forwarding

This would allow you to directly forward calls to another number. 

  • Go to settings
  • Select phone
  • Go to calls section
  • Tap call forwarding
  • Toggle on Call Forwarding
  • Set up forwarding number under forwarding to

Turn on Airplane Mode

This will bring you off the grid. This means, your network will not work. All of your signals will be jammed and blocked until you turn your Airplane mode off. 

  • Open Control Center of your iPhone
  • Tap on Airplane icon
  • This will turn on your phone’s airplane mode

How Do I Temporarily Block Incoming Calls on My iPhone?

To temporarily block incoming calls, we suggest that you put your iPhone on Do Not Disturb mode. This will not block your calls but rather it would block all call notifications. Hence, your phone will not ring. If you disable the DND mode, you will then start receiving call alerts and notifications. 

  • Tap and hold the crescent moon icon
  • Choose one of the time limit options provided in the list

How Do I Stop Incoming Calls from Unknown Numbers?

Here is a guide on how to silence unknown callers. Though you will not see call alerts, you would still see missed calls from your Recent Call Logs. To activate this feature:

  • Open settings
  • Select Phone
  • Select Silence Unknown Callers
  • Toggle it on

How Could I Make My Phone Seem Like It’s Out of Coverage?

Put your phone in airplane mode

  • Turn on Airplane mode as mentioned earlier above. 

Manually Select Network on Your Phone

  • Open Settings
  • Go to mobile data
  • Tap Network Selection
  • Toggle off Automatic
  • Choose network provider from list other than your SIM card’s owner network

Wrap your iPhone in aluminum foil

This would prevent your phone’s antenna from catching network signals. Hence, it would make your phone unreachable and would make it seem as if you are out of coverage. 

How Do I Set My iPhone to Be Busy?

Turn Off Call Waiting

If your call waiting is on, another person would still be able to call you. If you turn it off when another person would call you during a phone call, they would get a busy tone. If you wish for your iPhone to be busy when you are on a another call, you could turn off your Call Forwarding as well. 

  • Open settings
  • Select phone
  • Tap Call Forwarding 
  • Toggle it off

Block Numbers

This would send busy signal to the specific number that you have blocked. 

  • Open Phone app
  • Tap next to the number of which you would wish to block
  • Scroll down
  • Select block this caller

How Do I Turn Off Busy On My iPhone?

Ensure that the number is not in your blocked list

  • Open settings 
  • Select phone
  • Tap blocked numbers
  • Remove the number from the list

Enable call waiting to avoid busy tone

  • Go to settings of your phone
  • Select Phone
  • Tap on Call forwarding
  • Toggle it on

How Do I Block Calls Without a Busy Tone?

There are some call blocking apps which would help you do this. We highly recommend Truecaller and YouMail 

Can You Put One Contact on Do Not Disturb for Calls?

Unfortunately, you cannot put a single contact on Do Not Disturb mode. Though that is the case, you could add numbers which you would want to go through even when you are on DND mode. All you have to do is add the numbers to your favorites list.

  • Open settings of your phone
  • Select Do Not Disturb
  • Tap Allow Calls From 
  • Set it to Favorites

Where Do Blocked Voicemails Go on the iPhone?

When you block someone, their voicemails will also disappear from your voicemail messages. Though this is the case, do not worry as you will still be able to retrieve your blocked voicemails.

  • Go to Phone app
  • Select voicemail
  • Tap blocked messages
  • You will find the list of your blocked voicemails

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