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Stop downloads on Android in just one step

Have you ever wanted to stop downloads on Android? You find yourself in the middle of downloading a game or utility app on Android, but you realize that you’ve run out of space or you no longer want the game. What do you do if you’ve started downloading an app but then want to cease the download? Here’s how to stop downloads on Android in just one step.

While the download is progressing, with the progression bar moving from left to right, you should see an “x” to the right of the progression bar. Select it, and the app will stop downloading. Normally, you can see the download in progress in the drop-down notification window at the top of the display; check here to see if you see the download progressing still or, if you don’t see it, you can assume the app stopped downloading.

When an iOS user stops downloads on iOS, he or she is greeted by a button that mimics those found on a tape cassette player: the “stop” button, “pause” button to pause the download, and the progression circle is used in the App Store to show how the download is coming along. Google’s Android uses an “x,” but it still helps to stop downloads on Android.

Now, you know how to stop downloads on Android in just one step. See? How hard was that?

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