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Stop Odin Downloading on the Galaxy S6

Have you arrived at a screen that says “Downloading: Do Not Turn Off Target”? It has happened to me once or twice, and I’m sure it’s happened to you — otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this. Naturally, at this point, you feel as though your warranty is void and that Odin is downloading.

Before getting into how to stop Odin downloading on the Galaxy S6, let’s talk about what Odin is. Odin is software used to root Android devices. To root an Android device involves the user getting admin rights to his or her device. While devices are yours, most manufacturers consider users to be “leasers” and not true owners of their devices (Apple is first and foremost in this). If you root your device, your warranty is null and void — meaning that, should something go wrong on your device, you can’t get it fixed or repaired because you’re responsible for whatever happens (even if the damage has little to nothing to do with rooting).

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With that said, you don’t want to download Odin to your device and want to know how to stop Odin downloading on the Galaxy S6. If so, here are a few steps to help you get pass the Odin downloading screen:

  • First, to stop Odin downloading, you need to calm down and not panic. After all, you need to know that if you haven’t connected to a PC, you’re not downloading anything. The Galaxy S6 can’t download Odin to a device unless you have Odin installed on your PC (including MacBooks), so you need not worry about downloading Odin. The screen is the typical screen for those who do root their devices, but most consumers do not.
  • Next, to stop Odin downloading, you need do what you can to correct the problem. The simple solution is to do the same thing you did to get into it: select Volume Down, Home, and the Power button. Hold down these three buttons until you see the phone name reappear on the black screen and the device reboots like normal.

If you ever find yourself in the same situation from now on and need to stop Odin downloading on the Galaxy S6, keep this tutorial close to your vest.

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