4 Inspiring Student Startups Launched in 2022

We have heard plenty of stories about how an enthusiastic group of friends creates a startup, and it becomes the new Facebook or Microsoft in no time! In fact, it can be explained logically. In college, students can consult with various experts and get valuable advice. Getting funds isn’t so difficult, and the whole campus population can become your future clients. Is there a better environment for starting a business?

Perhaps the secret of a successful startup is that it solves an important problem. So, we have collected four such needs – finding a partner, gaining energy, improving human-machine interactions, and reducing deaths at a construction site. Curious to know how the students did it? Read on to find out!

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The Power of Music (POM)

Vihan Patel (Cardiff graduate) and Vladimir Ignatyev (University of London) are two British students who are changing the current approach to dating apps. Their product is an application for music lovers. While dating platforms are based on swipes left, and right, POM focuses on music history and emotional responses.

As Patel admits, he was engaged in event hosting at the university and realized what a huge influence music has on how our personalities are formed. He has observed how the young generation behaves at different types of parties, from R&B-themed nights to rock ones. This showed him that music is a tool for understanding people around, and therefore potential partners, too.

Indeed, the future of dating apps will not be about physical attractiveness but psychological compatibility. Here’s another insight: Patel noticed that guys who use Tinder are focused on getting validation, not the communication itself. So, when they find out that they have a match with someone, they simply put the phone away, as if the goal has been achieved and the meeting itself is not part of the plan.

In fact, this is a big loss. Comfortable conversation on various topics, from childhood memories to sharing useful WordPress hacks, can give people a bunch of positive emotions. And it’s wonderful that The Power of Music empowers us to connect with the user on a deeper, emotional level right away.

Verb Energy

Modern students cannot imagine a day without coffee. We run to the nearest coffee shop as soon as we wake up, we drink it when working on our own products, and even the saddest day can become better with the beverage. But in the end, we only irritate the stomach and deal with a rapid heartbeat. So, three Yale students (Matt Czarnecki, André Monteiro, and Bennett Byerley) came up with another way to recharge our batteries.

Verb Energy offers bars made with organic green tea. They have many advantages: containing only 90 calories, they provide an energy boost without caffeine, and they are delicious! All ingredients are vegan and gluten-free. Such a bar easily fits in your pocket and can give you energy at any moment.

The founders admit that they were unhappy with what shops and cafes offered. So, one day Matt realized that he had been spending too much money on coffee and a granola bar, and in the end, he only felt jittery. Therefore, the guys set a goal – to create a tasty, healthy and affordable product that will give a long-lasting boost of energy.

The creators also say that they are glad that millennials are more aware when it comes to nutrition. After all, food and health are closely related, and it’s cool that today people really want to know the ingredients of the product before buying it.

Cohere AI

Artificial intelligence is our future, and Aidan Gomez from the University of Toronto knows this like no one else. He created a startup to see how natural language processing enhances human-machine interactions. Cohere AI has already raised US$125 million. Isn’t it amazing?

The essence of the platform is that companies use natural language processing capabilities to operate tools like chatbots. Almost every business strives not only for the highest site metrics but also for the use of super-technological tools. Cohere AI is an NLP solution that is definitely safe and practical, says Gomez. His plan is to open offices, look for new talent and train a new generation of large language models.

Access to computing resources is more valuable than ever. It is also necessary that funds are concentrated not only in the hands of huge corporations but also in smaller research labs. The more scientists can use cutting-edge models, the faster AI systems that understand and generate text can develop. Fortunately, the barriers to entry into the industry are much lower now than they used to be, summarizes Gomez.


Harry Smith from Loughborough University has made great progress in product design engineering. He created robot technology with different functions applicable to construction and household issues. Its robot can climb walls and vertical surfaces, so it can be used in building and infrastructure inspection as well as wall painting.

In fact, every year, thousands of workers die from falling from heights. For statistics, in the US, insurance companies pay out $1B in claims every year. Therefore, HausBots can be truly revolutionary as it will reduce the number of accidents in the workplace.

The surface on which the robot will climb doesn’t have to be smooth. On the contrary, it can be roughed and curved. Plus, HausBots overcome obstacles such as surface bolts and wires. Even more, the robot can be handed tools such as airless spray, brush, or concrete surveying equipment. And best of all, it doesn’t bring any harmful effects to the environment.

To Wrap It Up

Launching a startup at a university is a great chance not only to realize an old dream and earn money but also to upgrade a lot of business skills. So, even if the idea doesn’t work out, you will have a strong base for future ideas and plans. Yes, the first step is difficult. But as we mentioned earlier, college is the best environment to start a business since here you are surrounded by talented advisors and potential clients.

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