Surface Pro 4 rumored to run Broadwell processor and Windows 10 ‘out of the box’

After the release of Microsoft’s Surface 3 (for a starting price of $499), Microsoft will be bridging the gap between laptops and tablets even further with the release of its flagship tablet, Surface Pro 4. There have been several rumors surrounding the upcoming product, witha large number of them concerning its release date. Now, according to a source, the software giant’s Surface Pro 4 is going to feature Intel’s Broadwell processor and will be running Windows 10 ‘out of the box’.

What this means is that the high performing tablet will not be running the Windows 8.1 operating system, indicating that it will be released after Microsoft officially announces its ‘unified interface’ platform, which also has an unconfirmed release date.

Thanks to the Broadwell processor’s small lithographic process, Surface Pro 4 is going to feature a fanless design and will come in several screen sizes. The largest one will measure in at 12 inches and will be radiating a dense resolution of 2160 by 1440 pixels. Instead of having a fan to dissipate all the heat generated from the components, Surface Pro 4’s chassis is going to feature several tiny holes in order to perform the same function.

Additionally, in order to target a larger audience and to generate more revenue through this approach, Microsoft will be looking to reduce the starting price tag of Surface Pro 4. Although the company’s previous flagship tablet, Surface Pro 3 were impressive machines when it came to performing tasks related to both tablets and laptops, the starting price of the latter was $799, which was far too steep for the budget crowd to entertain.

While Surface Pro 4 will not come with a budget friendly retail price, it will be reduced in such a manner that can actually entertain the prospect of a purchase, even from those that require something cheaper. It is expected that Surface Pro 4 will be released during Q3, 2015.

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