Swatch planning to introduce cross-platform smartwatch and mobile payment service

Swiss company Swatch is planning to jump into the smartwatch market by introducing its own smartwatch. Swatch CEO Nick Hayek said in an interview that its company will unveil its own smartwatch in the next couple of months.

Hayek said that Swatch smartwatch will stand out from the rest of the smartwatches that are or will be available in the market because of the experience that the Swiss company has of developing watches. This means that if Swatch plans to introduce its own smartwatch, it will be competing directly with Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Motorola and other tech giants.

This news is not as strange as it looks. Swatch already offers touch screen watches under the Tissot lineup of watches. These watches include features like altimeter, compass and sensors etc. According to Hayek, Swatch smartwatch will connect to the internet without needing to be charged. He also mentioned that they will introduce mobile payment services similar to the ones currently available. The most interesting thing though about the Swatch smartwatch is that it will support both Windows and Android. Hayek made it pretty clear that it wants to offer a cross-platform support in smartwatch to allow people have wide array of features and apps available.

There was not concrete timeline given for the launch of smartwatch but the expected release date which is somewhere in the next couple of months could mean that Swatch’s smartwatch will reach the market almost the same time as Apple Watch. Apple Watch is currently scheduled to launch in April.


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