Best TeamViewer Remote Desktop Software Alternatives

Through remote desktop software, one could access securely their desktop even when one is not in the same location as their desktop. One popular remote desktop software is TeamViewer. Though it is widely used, it has some disadvantages such as it being difficult to configure and has risks in terms of privacy. Though this software could be used for free, if you use it for business, you will need to purchase and the cost could be expensive. However, there are other options and alternatives you could use aside from TeamViewer and they are the following:

1. AnyDesk

When looking for another option, AnyDesk is the usual alternative that comes into mind. This software comes with a lot of great features which lets you access remotely other devices. Aside from that, AnyDesk operates and transfer data the fastest with speed of 60 FPS screen sharing. It also comes with low latency which enables for your actions to be transferred immediately and enables you to be able to control your devices remotely.

AnyDesk is using banking standard TLS 1.2 technology and RSA 2048 asymmetric encryption which ensures your connection is secured. It also has upgraded its offered features such as custom alias, session recording, unattended access for macOS, file browser mode and terminal server support.

This software supports Window, Free BSD, Mac, iOS, Linux and Android.

2. LogMeIn

LogMeIn offers more than just being able to access your computer remotely. It allows one to share and store files. Through LogMeIn, one could be able to work on one’s personal computer remotely. It has 1TB free cloud storage for your files to be shared securely. You could access your computer through iOS or Android and also print remotely. You could use the drag and drop file transfer feature. It supports whiteboard, could record sessions and has simple set up process.

3. Splashtop

Ensuring a secured access through encrypted TLS and AES encryption, Splashtop also provides features such as device authentication, multiple 2nd level passwords and two step verification. Aside from that this software allows not only individual access but also allows teams to access computers and shared files remotely. Splashtop provides support through MSPs, helpdesks, attended and ad-hoc support.

This software does not require one to install it but only needs for you to provide a 9-digit code. Splashtop is free however if you wish to access your computer from out of the county, you will need to pay.

4. Parallel Access

Reliable, fast and simple are just a few adjectives that could describe Parallel Access. This software allows its users to access your files, applications of your computer from your mobile phone applications. It works on windows, iOS and androids. The only downside is to be able to access remotely your computer, you could only use your mobile device.

5. Supremo

Supremo not only allows accessing remotely your computer but it also allows you to hold meetings. You do not also need to install in order to be able to use this software. It is encrypted by AES 256 and uses USilio- which is an IT management console.

While using the Supremo, you will not have a difficult time as you will not be required to configure your router or firewall to be able to use the software. However, if you wish to use it from another country, you will need to purchase a license to do so.

6. Chrome Remote Desktop

For those who does not need to use a remote often, Chrome remote desktop is a best recommendation. Though it is not as good as TeamViewer, Chrome remote desktop is free to use and allows one to remotely access another computer through Chromebook or browser. It is also encrypted and is available to many platforms like Windows, OS or Linux. This program could be used on short-term basis.

7. ConnectWise Control

The former ScreenConnect, ConnectWise acquired and took control of ScreenConnect. The new ConnectWise has improved and provides support and assistance to all its clients. It allows one to scale its view and is best used for teams – both small and huge. ConnectWise offers AES -256 encryption and provides two factor authentication for security purposes. This software is highly recommended for business use with its 3rd party integration feature.

8. Bomgar Remote Support

Bomgar remote support has one of the highest levels of security, its main focus is to provide secure remote experience. It does not go through VPN which would go through one’s firewall. Aside from secured experience, Bomgar offer reliability and efficiency. The software is also compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. This software also integrates third party.

9. Lite Manager

Available for cross-platforms and compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, iOS and Wine, Lite Manager offers remote accessing over internet and local network. This software is also free but it also offers paid services.

The Lite Manager is easy and simple to use. It also supports text, audio and video chats. However, setting up it is a bit difficult and toolbar is a bit hard to understand.

10. NoMachine

This software uses NX technology which make it one of the fastest and quality remote desktop software. It provides great stream live audio and video experience while one is on remote mode. It could transfer files, allows access and record sessions. NoMachine is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, Linus, iOS.


This concludes our review and our featuring of different remote desktop software that one could use as an alternative of the popular TeamViewer. We hope this article was of help in finding you one you could use and would suit your needs.

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